Travelling Internationally? Get to Know the 7 Strangest Laws from Places Around the Globe

Are you planning a trip to someplace exotic and fun? Or, do you have business in another country? In either case, there are a few things you are going to make sure of before departing, such as hotel accommodations and transportation while you’re there from companies such as

Travelling Internationally? Get to Know the 7 Strangest Laws from Places Around the Globe

Chances are, you don’t have any intention of breaking laws during your business trip or vacation. However, what if you break a law you didn’t even know existed? Here, you can learn about some of the weirdest and wackiest laws – still in effect today – from some popular travel destinations around the globe.

World Borders: Muslims Only - The Fork in the Road Near Mecca, Saudi Arabia

World Borders: Muslims Only – The Fork in the Road Near Mecca, Saudi Arabia

  1. Holding Salmon Suspiciously in the U.K.

In 1986, the Parliament in the United Kingdom created something called the Salmon Act. This law states that it is illegal to hold salmon in suspicious circumstances. To learn more about what suspicious circumstances are, read the specifics of the law. While this sounds a bit “fishy,” apparently this used to be a real problem in this part of the world.

  1. A Ban on Noisy Footwear in Capri, Italy

Italy is a romantic, beautiful country full of amazing sights, beautiful beaches, and one of the silliest laws on this list. There’s a ban on “noisy footwear.” What does this mean? Well, if you are visiting Capri, you better leave your flip-flops, squeaky sneakers, and high heels at home. Otherwise, you may find yourself breaking this law.

  1. Denmark Prohibits “Weird Baby Names”

There’s no question that celebrities would be quite disappointed if they had their child in Denmark. This country has created official guidelines for naming children. If you plan to name your baby something besides the 7,000 names that have been approved, you have to seek approval from the country’s government. This means no North West, Blue Ivy or Apple.

  1. Taking a Naked Hike in Switzerland

The Swiss have asked people living in and visiting their country to avoid hiking nude. In fact, this law was enacted by Swiss canton Appenzell after a nude German man strolled past a family that was picnicking in the Alps. This incident occurred in 2009 and is the basis of this law.

Keep your clothes on

  1. Wearing High Heels in Greece

Do you love the way your nine-inch heels extend your leg, making it appear long, lean and elegant? While you can enjoy wearing these in most countries, be sure to leave them at home when traveling to Greece. High heels are banned in certain ancient monuments. The reason? Because they can cause serious damage and may threaten the preservation efforts. Of all the laws on this list, this one has a bit of sense behind it.

  1. The Portugal Pee Law

It’s illegal for you to pee in the ocean if you are visiting Portugal. However, you have to wonder – has anyone ever been caught doing this? While it may be hard to detect, out of respect for other beachgoers, just hold it. There are plenty of public access bathrooms nearby.

Urinating in Belgium: Top Three Wee Wees in Brussels

Urinating in Belgium: Top Three Wee Wees in Brussels

  1. Melbourne, Australia doesn’t Allow Men to Wear Strapless Gowns in Public

You have to ask yourself – is this a problem? Since there is a law against it, chances are the answer is yes. Just remember, if you are a man, traveling to Melbourne, make sure there’s straps on your dress!

No matter where you go, you are likely to encounter a few unusual laws. Just know what they are ahead of time to ensure you don’t break them!

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