Troubles and Benefits of the Long Running Journeys

Troubles and benefits of the long running journeys

Abandoning the everyday life in your native country and rushing to the trip around the world with all your savings must be a cherished dream for most of us. A modern city life is exhausting, tense, and meaningless. It is not surprising we wish to go on a long running trip inspired by someone’s incredible experience. We tend to admire the marvelous photos in blogs, but in fact, everything has its pros and cons. Let’s focus on them to make everything clearer about such journeys.

Pro: a surprising discovery

A long lasting trip is very romantic. Being far away from home is exciting; you never know what is going to happen in a minute. As opposed to annoying and dull weekdays, this is a perfect way to get out of the comfort zone.

Con: your expectations may be overrated

The beauty and chic of some significant places are exaggerated sometimes. If you’re heading to a long trip only to see the sites, you’re making a mistake. Be ready they may not be as pleasant as you saw them on photos.

Pro: meeting hundreds of interesting people

In many situations, the unforgettable atmosphere is created by people and not by the places. Meeting the locals or another travelers like you diversifies your day, a friendly conversation with a stranger always cheers up. This world is rich for openhearted and kind people that can help you. Moreover, the local culture is better to understand in communication. For example, to destroy the stereotypes about Eastern European women you can read the article with this link: But it’s much better to make sure yourself.

Con: the cultural differences

Changing places one by one is hard not only because of the rhythm, but also due to the adaptation to the local habits. You should wipe off all your past experience with every border crossing, which is tiring. After a few months, you can even lose yourself in this cultural whirlpool.

Pro: free as a bird

The most important benefit of long running journey is discretion. You’re no longer clung to one place and workplace, you’re free to go and investigate your destination. The feeling of obligation in our everyday life is irritating sometimes, so the journey can be a huge relief.

Con: you should always be cautious

Even a regular vacation that lasts for two weeks in average is not a joke. It also applies to long journey. You have to look after your budget and health; in some countries you risk your security. Every tourist is a sitting duck for a criminal. Therefore, you should always keep your eyes open, which is also tiring. No doubt, staying in hostels and hotels meeting new people is funny, but you can’t recklessly make fun for ever when you’re in another country.

Pro: you will see everything as it is

The clue difference between a short vacation and a lasting trip is that you will see everything that is hidden. The must-see sites are amazing, but they are crowded with other tourists. Seeing all the corners of certain country opens the boundaries and broadens your mindset. Only with meeting the local way of life, you can change your attitude to this word. The average tour operators and guides cannot provide it.

Con: you can’t stop missing

It doesn’t matter how exciting your trip is. You surely will feel lonely and forgotten sometime. Despite the fact that we’re all brothers and sisters on the Earth, you still may be a stranger for most people you meet. Nevertheless, the good is that you will reconsider your views about your native country in positive way and start appreciating what you have.

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