Tuesday’s Travel Essentials: A First Aid Kit

what to pack into a travel first aid kit

Tuesday’s Travel Essentials: A First Aid kit – but what do you put in it?

No matter how long or short a trip you are on, or even where you are going, an extremely handy thing to have is a first aid kit. On long trips I always carry my own custom built first aid kit, and for shorter trips, I take the essentials that I think I’ll need. It does vary slightly depending on the place you are going, but here is this week’s Tuesday’s Travel Essentials focusing on a first aid kit.

A First Aid Kit for Short Term Travel (less than a month):
I’m going a bit beyond the definition of “First Aid” here by including some travel health essentials, so here’s my list for a short trip (less than a month). This is what I use by the way, please tailor it for your own needs of course!! We all have our own way to travel.
– Plasters/Band Aids (3-5)
– Savlon healing cream (small squeezy pack)
– Paracodols/paracetamol (less than 10 tablets)
– Lemsips/Hot lemon drinks (less than 5 sachets)
– Light bandages (small roll)
– Condoms (less than 5)
– Insect Repellent
– Suncream
– Any health certificates you own that you need for that area only
– Anti malaria tablets (where necessary)

Tuesday's Travel Essentials a first aid kit

Don’t forget to pack a mini first aid kit tailored to your own needs when you travel!

A First Aid Kit for Long Term Travel (more than a month):
– Plasters/Band Aids (around 10)
– Savlon healing cream (large squeezy pack)
– Paracodols/paracetamol (10-20 tablets)
– Lemsips/Hot lemon drinks (10-15 sachets)
– Light bandages (decent size of roll)
– Condoms (more than 10)
– Cotton buds
– Insect Repellent
– Suncream
– ALL health certificates you own (e.g. Yellow Fever)
– Aftersun lotion
– Sting relief cream
– Anti malaria tablets

– Personal medication


An example of a first aid kit I've taken on my travels before.

When you’re living a lifestyle of travel a First Aid Kit comes in very very handy. Don’t neglect your health on your travels. This is an example of a first aid kit I’ve taken on my travels before.

It’s obviously each to their own and we all travel in our own way with our own needs, but as a global traveller, the above lists are generally what I stick to when I travel. Here’s the pros and cons of taking a first aid kit:

– You have instant First Aid at your disposal
– You will save money
– You may not be able to get the things in your first aid kit in some places
– You can help fellow travellers out
– You are prepared for hikes, deserts and remote locations

– Can be bulky or heavy to carry
– Can use up space
– 90% of the time when you return from your trip, you won’t have even used any of the stuff you’ve brought!!! (but is it worth the risk?)
– Some stuff can be banned at airports if you are only taking hand luggage

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That’s Tuesday’s Travel Essentials for this week. Safe travels and don’t forget your First Aid Kit! You never know when you will need it and it’s better to be safe than…F#@ked!

With my endless travel tips and stories, I want to inspire you all to head out there and see the world! Check my advertising page if you have an idea for a product for my Tuesday’s Travel Essentials, and don’t forget I welcome free computers, hard drives and cameras as the ones I have always break…

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