Tuesday’s Travel Essentials: A Pen

travel essentials a pen

Filling in an immigration form – with a pen of course!

Today on Tuesday’s Travel Essentials a return to sensible and a return to complete obvious. One of the GREATEST INVENTIONS of all time. A pen! I personally couldn’t travel the world without having a pen or access to a pen. Here’s a few travel related things that I use a pen for:

1. To write notes constantly into my travel diary (Although I love my laptop, the truth is I’m old school – I don’t own a smart phone – much rather write something down on paper)

taiwan travel notes jonny blair

Writing my travel diary on a bus in Taiwan in 2009.

2. To fill in immigration forms and visa forms (it’s very handy to always have a pen on you when your on a flight/bus across a border). I always carry a pen. Saves time and hassle. Trust me.

pen on your travels

Always carry a pen – essential for filling in immigration forms.

3. To sign for things (tours, visas, deposits etc.)

4. To scribble things down when I’m on the move (I forget things if I don’t write them down)

jonny blair dont stop living a pen

Tuesday’s Travel Essentials – a pen, one of the greatest inventions of all time!

5. To study. I studied Spanish in Montevideo in Uruguay and loved it. No computers. Just speaking and writing. I remember sitting on the buses in Montevideo writing my homeworks!! Deberes…

jonny blair in uruguay

Using a pen to write Spanish in Montevideo.

My pen is always more powerful than typing on a laptop, except the world is changing, and yes travel bloggers we rely on the internet now…

But can you believe that I typed this up with the help of a pen? Scribbled my notes on paper first before typing it. 😉

And don’t forget about the visas and immigration – you’ll be faster if you have a pen…it will come in handy

Happy writing, safe travels and don’t run out of ink…

As you can probably tell I am LOVING this lifestyle of travel and hoping to inspire you all to get out and see the world! Check my advertising page if you have an idea for a product for my Tuesday’s Travel Essentials.

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