How to get an Indonesian Visa on Arrival in Jakarta Airport, Java

Flying into Jakarta, Indonesia. How to get a visa on arrival?

Flying into Jakarta, Indonesia. How to get a visa on arrival?

I recently wrote about how to get an Indonesian Visa on arrival in Denpasar Airport in Bali, so I’d thought I’d also share my information on getting the visa on arrival in Jakarta – pretty similar of course, but worth posting for those coming into the country at Jakarta Airport. I first visited Indonesia in 2012, flying in to Jakarta. On that occasion myself and my Brazilian mate Rodrigo toured a load of the sites of Java and Bali and loved it.

Backpacking in Jakarta, Indonesia

Backpacking in Jakarta, Indonesia

On arrival at the airport in Jakarta, you will notice a sign for “Visa on Arrival” and “Non Visa on Arrival” as well as the Transit and Transfer section so I headed straight to the visa on arrival section.

Arrival in Jakarta, Indonesia

Arrival in Jakarta, Indonesia

I arrived off a flight from Singapore – as a tip make sure you get your visa forms on the flight and fill them in there – standard procedure for a long term backpacker to save time on my travels 😉

Main Indonesia Visa Form

Main Indonesia Visa Form

Visa forms for Indonesia - I filled them in on the flight to Jakarta

Visa forms for Indonesia – I filled them in on the flight to Jakarta

Filling in the visa Form

It’s very simple – name address, passport number, place of stay etc. Length of stay is also important – you get a maximum of 30 which you need to renew if you want to stay longer (or cross into Malaysia/East Timor overland if need be).

What Nationalities Need a Visa for Indonesia?

I actually found that most nationalities will require a visa to visit Indonesia, here’s a photo of the countries that need one, I’ve travelled there on an Irish and British passport and both require a visa:

Countries that require an Indonesian Visa on arrival in Java.

Countries that require an Indonesian Visa on arrival in Java.

How to get an Indonesian Visa on Arrival in Jakarta Airport, Java

OK it’s an easy one to get, so here’s a guide in step by step form on arrival in Jakarta:

1. Get off the plane (standard)
2. Head to Arrivals – Visas and Immigration

Arrival in Jakarta - the airport

Arrival in Jakarta – the airport

3. Pay $25 US at the first desk for the Visa – you will be issued with 2 receipts. You don’t have to pay in US Dollars – you can pay in any one of the currencies listed below in the photo:

currencies to pay for indonesian visa

Paying for your Indonesian Visa

4. Join the queue for immigration (it can be long on busy days – so if you haven’t filled in your immigration forms yet – just do it in the queue, always carry a pen). The form is very easy to fill in as I mentioned and similar to the Malaysia one (though Malaysia doesn’t require a visa or payment – you just get a stamp on an Irish/British passport).

indonesia visa form

The front of the visa form for Indonesia

5. Get your visa stamped on your passport
Once you get to the immigration counter, the official will check the details, take your payment receipt and stamp your visa onto your passport. You will be given your departure card back to keep and also one of the 2 payment slips you got.

You will need to keep these for leaving the country. I’ve been to Indonesia 3 times, in 2014 the visa is purple, in 2012 it was brown.

Indonesian Visa receipt in Jakarta, Java

Indonesian Visa receipt in Jakarta, Java

Indonesian Visa on arrival in Denpasar, Bali

Indonesian Visa on arrival in 2014

6. Customs Form
You should also pick up the customs form and fill it in ready to hand in to the next desk after getting your visa. They just take it off you, check your bags (put them through the scanner) and that’s it. You’re now in Indonesia!

Indonesian Visa on Arrival in Jakarta - 2012

Indonesian Visa on Arrival in Jakarta – 2012

What Next Once I’m Through Immigration?
Collect your baggage if you have any, and either get a bus to Gambir or get a Bluebird taxi to your hostel. Like I said before, I was in Jakarta and Bali during 2012 first of all, so here are some of the places I checked out on that trip:

Ulun Danu Temple on the Lake, Bali, Indonesia
Munduk Coffee (the world’s rarest), Bali, Indonesia
Lovina, Bali, Indonesia
Singaraja, Bali, Indonesia
Git Git Waterfalls, Bali, Indonesia

On my recent trip through Indonesia, I had to get a visa on both my stop overs, both times it was in Bali. The first time I just spent 20 minutes in the airport on the visa, before boarding my flight to East Timor, on the second occasion I had about 6-7 hours in the country and made it out to Ubud. Bali can be manic, but it can also be rewarding. Bali can be touristy, but it can also be remote. It is worth a trip, even if I preferred touring Java and checking these places out:

Top 7 sights in Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia
Top 5 sights in Jakarta, Java, Indonesia
Thirsty Thursdays in Jakarta, Java, Indonesia
Touring Prambanan, Java, Indonesia
Touring Kota Gede Silver Factory, Java, Indonesia
Touring Borobudur, Java, Indonesia
Touring Tamansari, Java, Indonesia
Friday’s Featured Food: Buffet Lunch in Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia

Good luck and safe travels!

Backpacking in Java - Prambanan

Backpacking in Java – Prambanan

48 thoughts on “How to get an Indonesian Visa on Arrival in Jakarta Airport, Java

  • Do you think I need a full empty page in my passport for the visa? My passport has no totally empty pages so I’m wondering if I need to get a new one!

  • Hi Rachel, the Indonesian stamp is only a half page so you should be OK BUT get a big passport and a new one ASAP for your future travels and you don’t want to get stranded. If in doubt just go to your nearest Embassy. Safe travels. Jonny

  • Any photos reqd, any particular background for pics? Any proof of financial support during stay reqd?

  • Any pics reqd for VOA? Any back ground colour? Any proof of financial support during stay?

  • Hi Micky, all the information is in the post. None of what you mention was needed for me on an Irish or British passport in 2012. Things will be different depending on nationality and the fact that it is now 2016. Safe travels. Jonny

  • hello jonny blair
    i want to ask u how can i got visa of singapore in jakarta airport???
    and wt is the expense of it??

  • Hi Mac, I didn’t get a SIngapore visa in Jakarta Airport, I am Irish and British so I don’t need a visa to visit Singapore for 90 day stays. It’s free on arrival for me. This article is only about getting a visa for Indonesia on arrival in Jakarta. Safe travels. Jonny

  • Thanks for posting about the visa on arrival!
    Since im not longer having indonesian pasport, and its been a long time for me not back home,
    Im blind about these information. So thank you!

  • Thanks a lot.
    Could you kindly see the countries allowed on arrival Visa have been updated in the wite
    Thanks agian

  • Hi Sudath, thanks for the comment. I’m not sure what you mean by “wite”? I was there in 2014 and this information was correct then for Irish and British passport holders, things always change over time. Safe travels. Jonny

  • Hello there,

    Thank you soo much for your post. It is very helpful. However I have a question about connecting flights. I will be flying to Jakarta then transfer to domestic flight 2 hours later to Surabaya, which is also an international airport. Do I need to go though passport and customs in Jakarta first, then be off to Surabaya? Or can I do all the paper work in Surabaya? It’s the same ANA airline for both international and domestic. Thank you soo much for your time.

  • Hi Kaylah, I have never done that flight route you suggest but if it was me, I would just wait and do all the immigration papers in Surabaya as if you only have 2 hours in Jakarta airport, you may miss the flight. Just wait in the transit lounge and then get the second flight, at least that is what I would do. Safe travels. Jonny

  • Maybe things have changed since you wrote this; British passport holders do not require a visa for Indonesia unless they are there for business. So no visa needed for tourists.

  • Hi Paul, thanks for the update – that’s good news. I take it you still get a passport stamp on arrival though and a 30 day stay maximum? Safe travels. Jonny

  • Hi, if I took the currency then 300000 is huge amount so how to take from ATM??At present have only credit card so can it be possible to do payment through credit card??

  • Hi Mitesh, thanks for the comment but I really have no idea what you mean. I recommend, as always taking US Dollars in with you and swapping them there. Safe travels. Jonny

  • Hi Jonny. Nice blog.
    Did they ever ask you for your return ticket or tickets of your next journey?
    I see you didn’t mention it here but you also probably had your ticket. Thanks.

  • Hi Silvia, thanks for the comment. No, they never asked but they did ask how long I was staying. I just gave them a number and that was fine. I didn’t use all 30 days on this trip. Safe travels, Jonny

  • Hi Jonny,

    Your post is a godsend… We’re due to arrive in Jakarta tomorrow and was lost on how to go about getting the VOA. The pictures and write up really helped alot! Thank you so much 🙂

  • Bro im going from india to jakarta on march 2018. Do i need a return ticket?? I dont have visa. I have passport , n id card. N i also dont have a valid driving licence. Im confuse . Can u help me ??

  • Hi Mohammad, thanks for the comment – can you help me get a visa for Saudi Arabia please???? Indonesia will be easy in comparison – good luck on your tour to Indonesia. Safe travels. Jonny

  • Hi Mahmud, I am just a tourist and travel writer like you so I don’t have authority on visa entry, especially not for Indians going to Indonesia. This was written about my own trip to India on an Irish or British passport in 2012 so please check with your embassy and good luck. Safe travels. Jonny

  • hi jonny,we are planning to go to Indonesia,what documents require for visa on arrival other that the information posted by you is amazing and really helpful..thanks a million.

  • Hi Jonny, I just changed my citizenship to America. But planning going home to Jakarta this year sometime. I know about Visa Arrival at the Airports. But your information is very clear and helpful.
    And i read you sound enjoyed in Indonesia. Glad to know.

    Just want to ask…
    The Emigration only gives Visa Arrival only for 2 weeks?


  • Hi Danny, thanks for the comment, This was such a long time ago, I really cannot remember how long I got, but it was probably 30 days. Safe travels. Jonny

  • Those who want to extent their visa on arrival are advised to start the process at least one week before expiration. Even better: at least 10 days before the deadline because Indonesia is known for its lengthy bureaucratic hurdles and if you did not bring the required paperwork (see below) then your visit to the immigration office was in vain. Meanwhile, the earliest time allowed to extend your visa on arrival is 14 days ahead of expiration (therefore it is not possible to immediately extend it when you have just arrived in Indonesia).

  • Hi Media, Thanks for the comment. This was in 2012 so a long time ago – please check with your relevant embassy based on your passport / nationality. I am just a tourist like you – the experts will know the answer. Stay safe. Jonny

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