Loving Lovina! Kalibukbuk, Bali, Indonesia

Don't Stop Living a lifestyle of travel at Lovina in Bali Indonesia

Lovina Beach in Kalibukbuk, Lovina, Bali, INDONESIA

Lovina is a beach resort in northern Bali in Indonesia. The very mention of the word Bali to any traveller conjures up images of beaches, parties, paradise and alcohol. However here in Lovina, life takes on a slightly more relaxed mode, despite the fact that it’s a town that remains lively at night. Lovina is the name of the village/town, with the central area taking on the funky title of Kalibukbuk. Basically a few of these beach side villages make up the town known as Lovina. Here’s an overview of the three days I spent there!

Jonny Blair - Kalibukbuk in Lovina, INDONESIA

Down by the seafront at Lovina – a quiet place as it happens!

Where to Stay in Lovina?

Well for a start, the place we stayed in was perfect, so I’d have to recommend it. I was travelling with my Brazilian mate Rodrigo and we stayed at the Puri Bali Hotel. It’s more of a resort.

Travelling Northern Irishman at the Puri Bali Hotel in Lovina

The swimming pool at the Puri Bali Hotel in Kalibukbuk, Lovina

It includes a swimming pool, a bar and breakfast. We shared a twin room for a cost of 180,000 Rupiah per night.

Jonny Blair stayed in the Puri Bali Hotel in Kalibukbuk Lovina

Our room in the Puri Bali hotel in Kalibukbuk! Pretty decent!

Our room is pictured above – I won’t go into too much detail but the place was perfect and so relaxing! The price includes an excellent breakfast.

Kalibukbuk Lovina is an awesome place to relax

A temple in Lovina – down near the main beach.

So once you’ve arrived in Lovina, you can relax and do the sightseeing, locally the above temple is the only real cultural or historical aspect to Kalibukbuk, but I’ve done a top 5 below!

What is there to see and do when staying in Lovina?

1. Dolphin watching

Jonny Blair in Bali Indonesia

Get up early to go dolphin watching in Lovina, Bali!

Dolphin watching is easily arranged through the hostel – get them to waken you up and you head out on a boat around 6 am to see dolphins. You can negotiate the price although it must be noted that dolphins are not always guaranteed. Snorkelling and diving is also an option.

2. Relaxing

Jonny Blair in Bali Indonesia don't stop living

This was one of my most relaxing holidays for years – lounging by the pool in Lovina!

Head to the beach and relax, or simply relax at the resort! This is not normally what I do when I travel by the way – I’m normally either out sightseeing, in the bar or typing my travel notes 😉 . However on this trip I found time to relax in Lovina, by the pool, on the beach and sitting on a seat with a book and a beer.

3. Day Trip to Singaraja

Jonny Blair with the locals in Singaraja in Bali, Indonesia - a lifestyle of travel

For a day trip, head to the bigger city vibe of Singaraja – worth a trip!!

Once the capital city of Bali, Singaraja is described as being “quirky” and that it was – Rodrigo and I enjoyed a day trip to it, which is reached by getting a ‘Blue Bemo’. We ended up getting lost in Singaraja but enjoying its odd charm. I’ll post separately about Singaraja at some point! It’s totally the opposite of Lovina by the way – few English speakers, NO tourists, a busy smoky city and difficult to relax in.

4. Tour of North Bali

Jonny Blair at Ulun Danu - Temple on the Lake in Bedugul at north Bali

Ulun Danu – Temple on the Lake in Bedugul, north Bali

OK, so there are loads of things to do in Bali, but while in Lovina you should do the local circuit which is North Bali. We hired a driver for a day trip, and this entire day out included the following, very busy and worth doing:

– a visit to GitGit Waterfalls and rice fields

– a visit to the impressive Ulun Danu Temple (temple on the lake – rather dreamlike)

– a visit to the market at Candikuning (plenty of souvenirs and cheap fruit to be bought – don’t forget to BARGAIN!!)

– a stop off for a view of the mountains and valleys where you can see LOTS of monkeys

– a morning stop for coffee which includes a visit to a coffee plantation including Luwak Coffee – read here about The World’s Rarest Coffee!

– a spontaneous stop off to visit a Pizza Man Statue in Banyu Atis (we actually requested this stop having missed out seeing the Pizza Man Statue while we were in Jakarta

– a visit to a Hot Springs

– lunch at the hot springs

– a visit to Brahnavihara Temple

So that’s a hell of a lot bunged into a single day tour and is a great day out!! The links above are the posts I’ve already written about, there will of course be more to come.

5. Drink!

Jonny Blair with Rodrigo Coelho partying in Kalibukbuk in Lovina Bali enjoying the travel lifestyle

Kalibukbuk in Lovina is great for drinking! Happy Hours and Pub Crawls!

The last point on this post and probably the most important one is that Lovina is a great place to relax with a drink. Indeed every night Rodrigo and I stayed there we did a mini pub crawl, including Happy Hour Bintang beers, live music and good food. This is probably the real highlight of Kalibukbuk in Lovina. Happy Hour starts at sunset and when we were there, this was around 7pm, head to the bar and join the crowd. Live music was a feature and we must have visited about 10 bars in Kalibukbuk over the 3 nights we were there!

So that’s it – if you want to relax in life, I totally recommend laid back Kalibukbuk, Lovina, Bali, INDONESIA!!

Where We Stayed – Puri Bali Hotel

What I Ate – breakfast was fruit and banana pancakes, dinner was pizza or chicken and rice

Beers Tried – Bintang, Bali Hai, Kuda Putih

Bars Visited – Astina, Puri Bali Hotel Bar, Kantin 21, Poco Evolution, Cafe 3, Pasha, (a few others)

Nationalities Met – Philippeno, Indonesian, Australian, English

Key Song –

Sting – Englishman in New York (played ALL the time, I took the video below):

My Videos:
Brazilian Cocktails in Pashaa Nightclub, Kalibukbuk, Lovina, Bali:

Lovina Seafront, Kalibukbuk, Lovina, Bali:

On the edge of Lovina, on the walk to get a Blue Bemo to Singaraja:

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