Tuesday’s Travel Essentials: A Torch

You must travel with a torch says Jonny Blair of Don't Stop Living

Tuesday’s Travel Essentials: A Torch!

Today on Tuesday’s Travel Essentials I’m talking about a torch. I have used the same torch for three years. It is essential to have a torch on your travels, even if you are not camping. Staying in remote settlements late at night you will never know the mass advantages of having a torch until you get lost in the dark somewhere. Once I get these Tuesday’s Travel Essentials up to a mass number, I’ll be telling you what I pack for long term travel in my backpack and my day bag so we’re doing one essential at a time.

Tuesday's Travel Essentials - a torch

Use your torch to light the way when hiking at night – scares off animals and makes you avoid obstacles and stay on track!

My torch was less than $10 Australian Dollars and takes 2 batteries. It’s bright, light, yet bulky. Yet I LOVE it. I have yet to change the batteries in THREE years (you can tell I’m a lightskate cheapskate too – I use it very sparingly). Here are the advantages of having a torch:

– Provides a light in a tent

– Helps you go to the toilet at night

– Helps you read sign posts at night

Tuesday's Travel Essentials - a torch essential for night travel

Your torch will help you read signs at night, of course.

– Helps you read books at night

– Provides a light on night buses and night trains

– Lights the way when you’re hiking

– Scares off animals if you’re hiking at night

– Allows you to read maps at night

– Can be used on aeroplanes

– Never needs charged

– Rarely needs new batteries

– Is cheap to buy and easily replaced, also for cheap

– use it to creep up and scare the shit out of people (OK this is a bad idea, but it can be done)

And yes, having a torch may seem obvious to me or you, but you won’t believe the number of fellow travellers who don’t carry a torch. In essence it could actually save your life. You never know where that cliff edge is on a night time hike!

I’m hiking in Borneo as we speak!! (Or as you read this pre-typed post!)

With my endless travel tips and stories, I want to inspire you all to head out there and see the world! Check my advertising page if you have an idea for a product for my Tuesday’s Travel Essentials, and don’t forget I welcome free computers, hard drives and cameras as the ones I have always break…

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