Working Wednesdays: How to Keep a Travel Blog Updated When You Travel All The Time!

Guinness and a travel blog - working wednesdays

Working Wednesdays: How to keep your travel blog updated when you travel all the time!

It’s time to look at keeping a travel blog up to date. One of the most asked questions I get is always “How do you keep your travel blog updated so regularly?” and the answer is a combination of things. I won’t say it’s easy, you need a lot of self discipline and self motivation but once you get the hang of it you can do it easily and naturally, so it looks like you’re writing something every day! Here’s my personal tips on how to keep a travel blog updated when you travel all the time…

1. Make lists – I write a list of 20 – 30 posts I’m going to write then I work my way through them stroking them off one by one. I find that I keep adding to the list so it never ends!

2. Always write your blogs OFFLINE – Contrary to popular belief I rarely write my travel blogs when I have internet. They all start as basic word pad documents – only the text. Then when I get online I simply copy and paste that onto my blog and add my photos and links. I find that I write MUCH MUCH faster offline – no distractions such as Facebook. The only time this becomes a slight issue is when I need information that I don’t have to hand (i.e. information for the blog post that appears online) in which case, I type up most of the article and finish it off when I’m online again.

How to keep a travel blog updated when you're on the move

Typing your blogs offline is a great tip for getting the posts done faster – no distractions!

3. Always write something – Ask my girlfriend if I write too much and she will categorically say “YES”. I’m typing this in a hostel in Kota Kinabalu when I should be packing, relaxing and preparing for an early hike tomorrow morning. But I have the self motivation to always write something. Even just a short article or an idea for an article.

4. Make notes on paper every day – While you’re out travelling always carry and pen and map/paper for making notes with. That way you are already preparing your latest post.

5. When you get an idea for a post – don’t delay – get it typed up as soon as you can. The ideas flow better and the blog posts are better when they are fresh in your mind.

6. Grab a beer – Writing your travel blog should be seen as an enjoyable thing rather than a job or a chore. This is YOUR office so do as you please. I LOVE having a beer while typing up something about Belarus, Paraguay etc…

7. Take your laptop with you – When you’re on buses and trains, try to always carry your laptop – that way you can whack it out anytime you want and type up a post!

8. Type your blogs on the move – trains, planes and buses – get your laptop up and start typing up your next post!

Typing a travel blog up in a car

You can’t type a travel blog in a bumpy car ride!! Er…yes you can!!

9. Get the photos ready – If you are writing a post on Peru, have the 5-6 photos for that post ready in a folder waiting to upload. Makes things a lot quicker.

10. Chill Out – Having a Guinness and relaxing gives me freedom and inspiration and is a good tip!

AND DON’T FORGET – Schedule your posts in advance a few days ahead, so there is one going live while you’re out hiking! Your blog will sell itself and make you appear perpetually online!

That’s my top 10 tips on how to keep a travel blog updated when you travel all the time. It’s possible to have. I realised very recently that if I stopped travelling at any time, I would still have enough content for 10 YEARS worth of blog posts. I’ve been to 70 countries now across all 7 continents and have an endless list of posts I can write and stories I can tell. I will never get everything written…

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