Tuesday’s Travel Essentials: 10 Cool Travel Gadgets For Backpacking

Tuesday's Travel Essentials: 10 Cool Travel Gadgets For Backpacking

Tuesday’s Travel Essentials: 10 Cool Travel Gadgets For Backpacking

Most of them are colorful, they are just too cool to miss, others add a tantalizing experience and yet others open new realms in the technological world, more importantly the skill and knowledge gained by using these tools is outstanding. They are my top backpacking travel gadgets! Whether you are making your way by plane, train, automobile or even your own feet, no trip is complete nowadays without a digital accessory.

Getting some work done on the mvoe

Getting some work done on the mvoe

The feeling and excitement brought by traveling together with these awesome digital accessories makes learning to be such an excellent experience. These gadgets have changed backpacking, you can have it all at your fingertips when you travel these days. These gadgets have been designed to make your road experience not only easier and enjoyable but also useful for your travel essays. Moreover, these technological devices make all the difference to the safety and enjoyment of the group so here’s a quick fire top 10 for you on today’s Tuesday’s Travel Essentials.

1. Digital Cameras
The main one for me of course – without them this blog and my Facebook fan page would be useless! Digital cameras are suitable for collecting the best and most memorable moments of the tour. These makes it easier for students to remind themselves of the main points in future.

Admiring the views down into the valleys from Intipata

Admiring the views down into the valleys from Intipata, thanks to a digital camera for the photo

2. Travel Adapters
Travel Adapters are also pretty cool to have on your travels and in reality an essential item. There are at least 5 different pin types & voltages when you travel across the world and having one converter can really reduce the number of wires you need for multiple devices. With a universal travel plug, you can charge your phone, tablet or camera with your charger without having to worry about the voltage or pin type.

Travel Adapters


3. The Power Bag
This item comes in the form of a backpack ,strap bag and roller bag type; interestingly it holds a battery charger complete with charger cables to always have power flowing through your machines. Additionally you can use the bag to carry your books. Power bags are the new thing.

4. Auto Net Mobile Router
This device allows you to take the internet with you in you vehicle. It gives you seamless connections even when you are backpacking in Tasmania. You can use your laptop to connect to get your travel blog updated on the move.

5. Mobile Satellite TV receiver
Subscribing to Direct TV or Dish Network means you are used to a broad range of television options, many in high definition. A mobile TV makes sure you do not miss movie based on your favorite book. Later learners can discuss the difference between the book and the movie.

6. E-reader
An E-reader is an equivalent of filling the car with a small library. The E- paper screens on these readers are excellent for reading as they reduce the glare and eye strain. Additionally you can keep up with your favorite magazines and newspapers so you stay on the know while you are on the road.

7. iPod
Crank out the hits of the Beatles, Madonna and Dire Straits. You probably know I always travel with my iPod – check out my top 10 travel tunes here.

iPod, coffee and biscuits on route to San Salvador.

iPod, coffee and biscuits on route to San Salvador.

8. GPS photo tagger
A GPS photo tagger eases the hassle of keeping a diary of every shot, all you require to do is to switch it on and carry it with you. It takes a snapshot of your location at fifteen second intervals, later the inbuilt software goes through the EXIF data from all photos taken and matches it to the location you were at that given instance this assists learners to make accurate records.

9. Global Positioning Systems
I’ve personally never owned one but a few of my mates rave about them! The latest GPS not only gives you directions, offer updates on weather and traffic but they also give the students a brief history of every locality they visit. You won’t get lost.

10. Smartphones

I wanted to leave Smartphones off this list as I personally detest them, but this blog shouldn’t only be about me – it should be about what people like when they travel and loads of backpackers these days travel with Smart Phones and love them. Most smartphones have inbuilt applications such as calculators that can come in handy when calculating group discounts. A smart phone is essential for keeping everyone in contact. More importantly the group leader will have a record of everyone just in case someone gets lost, this indirectly contributes to the learning process as it contributes to the welfare of the learners. You can even access Don’t Stop Living on Smart phones these days, though I don’t recommend reading my blogs on phones – I’m a laptop person!


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