Tuesday’s Travel Essentials: The FairFX Currency Card

You might have seen my Tuesday’s Travel Essentials article about how FairFX can save you time, hassle and money on exchanging foreign cash ahead of your trip – perfect for anyone based in the UK. Another cool option from FairFX is the FairFX money transfers information FairFX money transfers information which offers award winning rates. If you use a FAIRFX card rather than exchanging money at the airport you’ll get an extra £107 to spend on holiday. Whether it’s a meal out, a day trip or an extra night away, with FAIRFX you’ll be able to get more out of your holiday for no extra cost.

*Save £107.35! Based on converting £1000 into Euros. FAIRFX (€1.4039) versus Travelex(Heathrow)* at €1.2678 on 16 July 2015 at 5:47 PM.

Tuesday's Travel Essentials: FairFX Currency Card

Tuesday’s Travel Essentials: FairFX Currency Card

Fair FX promise that you will get great Euro exchange rates every time you top up. Buy your Euro today and lock in the rate before you travel. There is also no charge for using your card to pay in shops and restaurants, anywhere you see the MasterCard Acceptance Mark of course – anywhere around the world.

It is also only €1.50 to withdraw money from ATMs though it must be noted that SOME ATMs may apply a surcharge – but the main banks shouldn’t.

So head to the FairFX website and you can book your card online:

  • Order your card in 3 simple steps
  • Get great Euro rates with no transaction or management fees
  • Chip & PIN secure MasterCard card
  • Re-use your card for every trip and access funds instantly
  • Load funds and check your balance anywhere via our free app or online

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