Visiting Macquarie University in Australia: Throwback To My Student Days

Visiting Macquarie University in Australia: Throwback To My Student Days

Just last month I went to Macquarie University, on the western edge of Sydney. I had a day off work, and my flatmate Rebecca was still a student at the time – studying at this massive University – Macquarie University.

It was a blast from the past and a throwback to my days at University in Bournemouth. It really did remind of it. That’s a photo of Bournemouth University there, the Talbot Campus at Wallisdown.

Rebecca recently got a new car. This is her driving us to Macquarie University.

A satellite navigation system in Rebecca’s car – not something I agree with or would ever buy but still.

A street where Australian students live! They live in such luxury over here.

Main Car Park at Macquarie University.

You have to pay to park there.

Rebecca and her parking ticket.

The main courtyard in Macquarie University.

The University Magazine – Grapeshot! Once upon a time I featured in Nerve magazine at Bournemouth University.

They have microwaves in the atrium here – just heat up your meal on your lunch break!

The main food court.

The university shop.

The U – Bar! Equivalent when I studied at Bournemouth was Dylans Bar, here:

Dylans Bar, Bournemouth University, England.

Having a very cheap $3 schooner of VB in U-Bar!

U – Bar.

Having pizza at U – Bar! Something I also used to do at Dylans – it used to be £4 for a beer and a pizza!

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