Watching an Elephant Parade in Pinnewala, Sri Lanka

Elephant parade in Pinnewala

An elephant parade in Pinnewala, Sri Lanka – nonchalantly in the street!

I’m not sure if I’ve uncovered an unknown travel gem here or am just stating the obvious…but in the town Pinnewala, Sri Lanka at around 12 noon every day you can see a FREE elephant parade. Elephants march nonchalantly along the street, escorted by a leader and they have just come from bathing in the water, then it’s feeding time. You can see them in the street!

Elephant parade noon Pinnewala Sri Lanka

Elephants parade through the town of Pinnewala at noon in Sri Lanka

I have written before about the Elephant Orphanage and riding on elephants , but you pay for that and you get on the elephants. If you merely just want to SEE the world’s largest land mammal, then head to the town centre of Pinnewala about 11.45 am and just wait!

live elephant parade in Pinnewala Sri Lanka

Enjoying the very fast elephant parade in Pinnewala, Sri Lanka – with my Mum and Dad! Blink and you’ve missed it!

What happens at the elephant parade at noon in Pinnewala?

Well, this is possibly the shortest ever travel related post on here as basically a herd of elephants just walk past you and you stare at them, admire them and take photos. The whole thing lasts about 10 minutes maximum. Blink and you’ve missed it. Something I recommend doing if you’re in Pinnewala…and it’s free to stand there (though there are odd rumours that you’re actually supposed to pay to walk down the main street in Pinnewala – I kid you not!).

elephants march through the streets of Pinnewala

Watching an elephant parade in the streets of Pinnewala, Sri Lanka!

My videos of the elephant parade in Pinnewala, Sri Lanka:

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