What Is Worth Remembering When Organizing A Stag Do?

A stag do is the only such night in every man’s life and although it does not have to resemble the one we know from popular movies, it is worth making it unforgettable. How? Choose attractions tailored to the groom’s interests. However, bet on something original that you don’t expect during the last party without a ring on your finger. Where is it worth organizing a stag do? In Krakow! It is a city full of history, monuments, interesting places, unusual attractions and nice people. An excellent choice for a stag party with friends. There is an airport in Krakow – Krakow Balice, which is reached by planes from many countries, so transport will not be a problem. You can get to the center by train or public transport. Krakow is a well-connected city, so participants of stag parties do not have to worry about transport, even at night.

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How to organize a stag party in Krakow?

The problem of transport is solved, so it’s time to think about accommodation. Here, too, will not be a problem. You have many different options to choose from, also during the holidays. It is worth devoting the entire weekend to a stag activities in Krakow. Then we can see the most important points on the map of this city, as well as take advantage of the rich nightlife. During the day, go to Wawel, visit the Old Town and at least one museum. During the trip, you can also visit one of the many atmospheric cafes, restaurants or bars. Other participants of the stag do will be delighted. Start the evening with an attraction that will perfectly tune you for the rest of your wonderful night. The shooting range is a great choice for a stag do in Krakow!


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Why a shooting range during a stag do in Krakow?

Probably each of us has dreamed of holding a real weapon in our hands and testing our skills at least once. For most, it would not be possible if it were not for the shooting ranges. During a visit to the shooting range, we must be sober, so this is the best way to start a stag party in Krakow. Trained staff will make it a visit full of joy, adrenaline, but also extremely safe. Choose your weapon, listen carefully during training and get as many hits as possible! Could the stag activities start better?

Cracow Shooting Academy – the best shooting range for a stag party in Krakow

Cracow Shooting Academy is one of the shooting ranges in Krakow, which is eagerly chosen by residents as well as tourists from Poland and abroad. High customer ratings prove the professionalism of the team that creates this place. Cracow Shooting Academy is an excellent choice to start a stag activities in Krakow. It is located on Surzyckiego 16 Street, which you can easily get by public transport, taxi or bus, which can be organized by a shooting range for you. There is a modern and air-conditioned interior, a wide selection of weapons and trained staff waiting for us. You can adjust the choice of weapons to the participants of the bachelor party or use the 7 available packages. Their prices range from PLN 120 to PLN 350 and we will be able to fire from 30 to even 70 shots. At our disposal, as part of a particular package, there are 3 to 6 types of weapons.

Cracow Shooting Academy

How to make a stag do in Krakow unforgettable?

It is worth remembering that the organization of the stag activities is usually done by the groom’s witness and his friends, the groom himself is not involved, although he often gives a list of attractions and people he wants to see during his evening. It is worth starting the organization of such a trip a few months before to make sure that all attractions will be available to us. We should also book a stay at the Cracow Shooting Academy well in advance to make sure that each stag party participant will be able to test their skills. What else is worth doing during a stag do in Krakow? Visit the market square, eat a delicious Polish dinner and drink good beer. In the Old Town there are many atmospheric bars with delicious drinks and various attractions – dancing and karaoke. There are also clubs open until dawn.

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A party night out with the Mosquito hostel crew in Stolica bar

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