What Should I Know About Travelling to Destin, Florida during a Pandemic?

Travelling has been a hectic process in the past few months thanks to the ongoing Covid19 pandemic. A lot of countries and cities have put strict measures and restrictions in a bid to curb the spread of this deadly virus. Most hotels, parks, and other tourist attractions and leisure places have closed down, but there are a few that are operating under strict measures.

What Should I Know About Travelling to Destin, Florida during a Pandemic?

 In Destin, Florida, a city that is always bustling with people from all over the world during normal days, things haven’t been any different as other places. However, here is a list of things to do in Destin from busy tourist if you still wish to tour this beautiful place. You will also need to know what will be required of you as you travel to Destin. Here is what you need to know. 

  1.   Accommodation

You will need to find a place to stay if you are going to Destin for a few days’ vacations. The state is now allowing short-term vacation places to operate but under strict health guidelines. The hotels in operation have been advised to avoid tourists from high-risk cities or countries, but if they come, to ensure that all health protocols are adhered to. You will probably be required to isolate or quarantine yourself for 14 days if you are from a high-risk area before getting access to any other public place in Destin.

  1.   Visiting the Beaches

Destin has now opened up its beaches, but under strict safety and health protocols. You will be required to maintain a social distance of not less than six feet, and have a maximum of 10 people if you are traveling as a group. The social distancing and the group limit apply to all public areas including all trails and parking lots around the beaches.  Some beaches have more measures in addition to those set by the state government, so it would be wise to check out with them before visiting.

What Should I Know About Travelling to Destin, Florida during a Pandemic?

What Should I Know About Travelling to Destin, Florida during a Pandemic?

  1.   Bars and Restaurants

You will have access to a variety of restaurants where you can dine. You will need to maintain social distancing in these restaurants, as in any other public place. The restaurants are now operating at 50% capacity to allow for social distancing. The state only allows the restaurants to serve you with food and other beverages but not alcoholic drinks. There are a few others that are not offering services to sitting customers, but can have take-away food. It will be important to check out different hotel websites to see those that offer the services that you may need. Keep in mind though, that bars and casinos and other like places remained closed for this period.

American Bars 

  1.   Health Checks

Every state is now trying to keep the rates of Covid19 infection low to eradicate the virus. Before traveling to Destin, you will go through several routine medical check-ups to ensure that you are free of the virus. Expect to have your temperature checked in every establishment that you visit. All in all, do not forget to wear your mask and carry your sanitizer.

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