It’s not easy eating green, at least not in the stereotypically carnivorous United States. Luckily, there are a few cities and cultures that are known for their vegetarian eating habits, both Stateside and half a world away. When World Vegetarian Day rolls around on October 1, set off on a trip to one of these famous vegetarian havens.

1. Portland, OR

While “Portlandia” may poke fun at where Portland restaurants source their chickens, they’re missing out on a broader point: Portland is super into vegetarianism. Most restaurants in the city have a section on the menu devoted to vegetarian items that don’t require your order to start with, “salad without the chicken.” And if that’s not enough, you can also spend your day doing vegan activities at a vegan bike shop, getting your hair done at a vegan salon and even hitting up a vegan strip club. After a long day of vegetarian fun, you can even crash in a hotel with vegetarian dining options, like The Nines.

2. Los Angeles, CA

Over in Los Angeles, Hollywood stars have turned L.A. into a vegan/vegetarian wonderland. You can even find chains in the city that focus on vegetarian cuisine, including Real Food Daily. Even if your meat-loving friend drags you to California’s legendary fast-food chain, In N’ Out, you’ll still be able to order a grilled cheese off the secret menu. And the new vegetarian options found in Disneyland and the nearby Hilton Anaheim make it The Happiest Place on Earth for all eaters.

3. Glasgow, Scotland

The next time you’re looking for a hotel in Glasgow, know that PETA named Glasgow, United Kingdom as the most vegan-friendly city in the UK. Over atMono, you can find internationally inspired dishes that are vegetarian and vegan safe, from a Turkish-style pizza to Vietnamese pho. As a bonus, Mono also hosts live music and other events, which makes it the perfect place to celebrate World Vegetarian Day.

These are some of the bigger cities found in countries that typically eat meat. If you find yourself wanting to experience a wider selection of vegetarian options, you’ll find that many countries in Asia, including India and Thailand, subscribe to a vegetarian diet thanks to their historic religious influences.