Why You Should Go Glamping in New York

Camping is an experience most people long for, but not everyone has what it takes to spend time in the wilderness far from the comforts of modern life. Trekking might be fun, but pitching up a tent can often be the opposite.

Why You Should Go Glamping in New York

If you are looking to get away from all the complications of ordinary life for a couple of nights and want to spend time under the stars with your partner, family, or friends, but don’t want to sleep in a sleeping bag, glamping is the ideal option.

Glamping combines the beauty of living ina hotel and the fantastic experiences of spending the night in the wilderness. The term came to existence by combining the words glamorous and camping. You can enjoy your day in the woods, mountains, and lakes, then spend the night at a luxurious canvas cabin. There are many spots you can reserve, which offer hotel-like services. You can also rent a private land before going camping in New York, or glamping, which will give you complete privacy in the area.

Why You Should Go Glamping in New York

The Comfort

The good part about camping is that you can make smores, roast sausages, talk to your loved ones under the stars, and have fun around the campfire, but sleeping is not. After trekking, hiking, and engaging in all sorts of exciting activities all day, people get exhausted, and having to crawl into a tiny space and resting in a bag is not an ideal thing to do.

With glamping, you can sleep in a soft, comfortable bed with great linens. You can easily walk into the space, sit on the chair, and maybe read a book. Change inside easily. Have a proper toilet and shower, along with the necessities.

It Combines the Best of Both Worlds

Camping is spending time in the outdoors with no link to the rest of the world. There is no cell reception orthe internet. You can’t even charge any device or have light, other than fire.

Luckily, glamping is much different. Spend time in the wilderness as much as you like, then get into a canvas cabin and enjoy all the luxuries of modern life. There is electricity, lamps, most places have mobile reception, and some even have internet.

Where Can You Camp OR Glamp in New York?

The Adirondacks

With activities like hiking up a green and luscious mountain range with breathtaking views or canoeing in any of the 3,000 lakes in the region, the Adirondacks are genuinely crowd-pleasers. You can take the easy, challenging, or any of the median-level trails that lead to over 45 peaks. Spending time in Lake George during the summer is also can also be an amazing experience.

The Catskills

The Catskills offer the best areas for visitors, which can be used to engage in countless activities while enjoying the stunning views. You can hike, run on trails, mountain bike, fish, kayak, and enjoy many other activities. Catskills also has many amazing places to dine, and some of the best coffee shops. You can also visit the breweries in the area.

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