Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Take a Family Vacation

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Take a Family Vacation

According to a survey conducted by NYU School of Professional Studies, 88 percent of American families are “very likely” or “likely” to travel with kids. Consequently, family-friendly resort or all-inclusive resorts with child-friendly amenities are what majority of the families are looking for.


Apparently, not many are into the idea of traveling with kids in tow. There is always a security and safety risk plus some kids can be difficult to handle, especially on planes and could potentially disrupt other passengers. Don’t even get started with the luggage because you always have to bring two (or more) of everything.


The question remains: should you travel with your kids and get that dream family vacation?


Here are reasons why you should go for it and not wait to take that family vacation:

Problem solving and adaptability skills are something you can teach

Even the well-planned vacations can be disrupted or plagued with mishaps. There will always be a case of motion sickness, delayed flights, car breakdown, weather changes, lost luggage, and the list goes on.


When confronted with an unfortunate situation, you can be a good role model to your kids by being calm, composed, and thinking of ways on how to turn around the situation into something more positive. This teaches them situational adaptability as well, which encourages independence and self-confidence in dealing with various situations because they look up to you as their role models.


This leads you to another reason.

You get to learn about yourself more

Traveling with the family is not always about the kids and what would make them happy. Believe it or not, it’s also about you and learning more about you as a person.


Going on a vacation means you leave the comforts of your own home. There will always be expectations and unfortunate incidents along the way, plus the fact that you are outside your comfort zone. This makes everything else more stressful.


Think of it this way: it is a good learning experience. You get to think of a solution within seconds and keep yourself calm as you deal with the situation. This situation is something your kids can learn from.


Gives you a break from your usual routine

Everyday life can be stressful. With your work and chores, your spouse’s work and other responsibilities, and your kids’ school works and extra-curricular activities, it wouldn’t hurt if once in a while, you take a break and free yourself and your family from stress and usual routine. After all, stress is never a good ingredient to be able to live a fruitful and meaningful like.


The best part is this allows everyone in the family feeling recharged and stress-free too.

It’s also about bonding as a family

Sure, you eat meals together and you often check on your kids to see how they are doing. Every weekend, you take walks in the park, eat out, or just watch Netflix. At times, you just let your kids do their thing.


The good news is going on family vacations takes family bonding to a different level. Doing so allows you to spend quality time together as a family and get to know each other better on a different way. It also helps you get in touch with each other and reconnect, sans distractions, thereby strengthening your bond and relationship as a family.


Traveling equates to making memories

Generally, travelling is about making memories. The difference now is that you are making memories with your family early on and not later – when they are bigger enough and want to do something away from you. Go ahead and take that family vacation. There will be a lot of learning experiences along the way, which leads to making memories. Through travel, you teach your kids about what the outside world, reality, and life has to offer. You don’t contain your kids in a box – or four corners of the classroom – because after all, life is more than just what you can see and read in books.


These learning experiences and memories are something your kids will remember and take with them as they grow older. Leave something that they will cherish for the rest of their lives and something they can pass on as they get older.


What about not-so-good memories? That’s fine. In fact, that’s part of traveling. It’s frustrating especially on that particular moment, but think about this as something you could learn from and laugh about in the future.

Your kids are only young once

No matter how much you love them, kids will grow up and have their own life. They may no longer be excited to go to Disneyland even if they wanted to go there when they were six. Take advantage of the time you have while they are still those sweet little kids who constantly say yes to those older than them. Maximize the time you have because once they are older, they want to live separately from you.


The bottom line is this, if you can and budget permits you, go ahead and schedule that family vacation. Make sure you make the most out of it.

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2 thoughts on “Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Take a Family Vacation

  • Thanks for this and I agree completely. Our family holidays are some of my favourite times that we still remember. There were times when all we could afford was a short camping trip. It wasn’t where we went it was spending time together with no other distractions.

  • Hi Carol, Thanks for the comment. Apologies for the delayed response, I am suffering with deep depression the last few years and haven’t been checking all comments or messages. Are you Polish? I am now in Warszawa. Safe travels. Jonny

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