Working Wednesdays: Doing PR for Tiger Beer!

Working on a Tiger Beer PR campaign in London in 2007

Working Wednesdays: Doing PR for Tiger Beer in the UK

I’ve had a lot of jobs down the years and even within the jobs I’ve had there were other things I was doing, that I often forget about. I totally forgot that I once did PR for Tiger Beer in the UK! Not for long though – I worked on one campaign in May or June 2007 trying to gain coverage for an Asian Grindhouse Event in London. At the time I was a PR Accounts Assistant for the excellent company Bite Communications. Today’s Working Wednesdays is all about doing PR for Tiger Beer!

Tiger beer in Vietnam Sapa after the 2 day hike a lifestyle of travel

Oh the travelling lifestyle…it’s all just a beer and a bit of sightseeing sure!

It must be a dream job, right? All you do is drink beer, tell people how good it is and hopefully get them to buy it, right? Wrong. Even more wrong is that PR (or to use the correct name Public Relations) isn’t all it cracked up to be. It’s not all glamour. It’s a busy tough, hard working life where you are constantly chasing people and people are constantly chasing you!

My boss at the time was Andrea Christopherson and I remember we had some crates of Tiger Beer in the office. We were able to use it for PR purposes but also on Thursdays, we had our own “Thirsty Thursdays” in the office.

Tiger Beer are a Singaporean company and my brief was just to inform journalists to get down there and write about it. I mean it was FREE beer, FREE food and FREE Asian Grindhouse Film Screenings if I remember correctly. I can’t believe I even managed to find a link to some of the online coverage:

Tiger Beer’s Asian Grindhouse Festival 2007

However in those days, and in the busy PR world, newspaper, television and magazine coverage was always better than any website mentions.

I was invited to the Tiger Beer event myself, but for some reason I didn’t attend (was busy with a football supporter’s club function at the time) and I got the journalists Tiger wanted to attend and all was sweet. It was a decent few working days. Within a month I had left the busy Public Relations world of London far behind and was sipping beers in Toronto, Canada where I got the inspiration needed to start this website, Don’t Stop Living.

A bit of an anecdote and sentimentality thrown in there for good measure! Safe travels!

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