Working Wednesdays: My Backpacking Trips on Yonderbound – Everyone Has the Right To Travel

It’s a double Working Wednesdays today on Don’t Stop Living (is that a “double A-side”?), as life has been busy the last few months so I’m catching up on stuff. I recently came across a cool new site called Yonderbound. It’s a cool, free to use travel site which allows you to plan, prepare and share ANY kind of travel trip idea you want. I particularly love their slogan: Yonderbound, Everyone Has the Right to Travel. Before the site went live I was able to personally use it and plan my own trips.

london backpacking trip

My Backpacking in London Trip on Yonderbound.

Yonderbound is basically a unique, online travel marketplace that allows users to plan, share and book their travel dreams. And you do this with the Yonderbox function. You basically log in and register on this link: Join Yonderbound.

Yonderbound: Everyone has the right to Travel!

Yonderbound: Everyone has the right to Travel!

You can link it to your Twitter or Facebook account. Once you have registered, the Yonderbox feature allows you to create your own dream trip – any type of trip – be it a Football Weekend, a Holiday, a Backpacking journey etc. The trips are limitless. Your Yonderbox can be personalised by uploading a cover image, adding text or links to hotel choices. You basically type up the details of your trip into this Yonderbox and save it. You can also share your Yonderbox via email or Facebook, and conveniently book the hotels of your choice directly from your Yonderbox. Other users and your mates can then check out your Yonderbox and book the same trips.

You can use Yonderbound to book hotels or even just bookmark the hotels for your own reference.

You can use Yonderbound to book hotels or even just bookmark the hotels for your own reference.

This cool Yonderbox feature is the building block and key differentiator to Yonderbound – it makes it different from those usual travel sites and platforms – here you have saved your own trips and itineraries to log in and out of and update any time as you go. In fact, it could also be a great help to bloggers too, for quickly typing up key points and sights on. So check it out please – I love trying new travel apps, websites and features which help keep our backpack on the road a bit longer and a bit easier.

My Yonderbox for Backpacking in Singapore.

My Yonderbox for Backpacking in Singapore.

Here is a link to my own personal Yonderbound Profile and here’s my Yonderbox for Backpacking in Singapore.

Go get logged in and try it out! Safe travels.

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