World Travellers: Alisa Goz

Welcome to my latest in my World Travellers series. It’s time to meet Alisa Goz!

World Travellers: Alisa Goz

World Travellers: Alisa Goz

World Travellers: Alisa Goz

Who are you?

My name is Alisa, I’m a digital nomad and travel blogger, passionate about slow travel and meeting new people along the way. 

Where are you from?

I was born in the small town of Jacksonville, Texas, but have never really lived there. The cities I call home are New York and St. Petersburg, Russia.

Where have you been?

25 countries and counting!

World Travellers: Alisa Goz

World Travellers: Alisa Goz

Where are you now?

Currently living in Tel Aviv, Israel. It reminds me of a small, Mediterranean version of New York, where I lived for six years before this. 

What are the top 3 places you’ve visited?

Muscat, Oman – the beautiful white buildings and desert landscape took my breath away!

Dublin, Ireland – a vibrant and charming city, known for its picturesque streets, colorful buildings, and friendly locals. The city is full of life and culture, making it the perfect place to explore.

Berlin, Germany – I spent a month studying there while in college and loved the atmosphere of the city. From beer gardens to nightlife, there was something for everyone and the history of Berlin is unlike any other place I have visited.

World Travellers: Alisa Goz

World Travellers: Alisa Goz

What is the best travel experience you’ve had?

One of my absolute favorite travel experiences was my recent trip to Oman. I am normally the kind of person who likes planning out every last detail when going on a trip, but this time I decided to take a spontaneous approach. I bought the ticket one week before take-off and had no idea what I was going to see or do while there. The end result? A totally majestic experience that felt like it came straight out of an epic fairytale. From the breathtaking sunset in the desert to morning swims in the Persian Gulf – this is an experience that I will never forget!

What is the worst travel experience you’ve had?

My worst travel experience has, undoubtedly, been anytime that my flight would be canceled or delayed. Whether stuck at the airport for hours with nothing to do or trying to get a refund for an unused ticket, it always ends up as a stressful and tiring experience.

On top of that, it also is pretty disheartening when your plans have to change and you can’t go anywhere near where you had originally intended.

Still, there are certain places worth waiting for and certain experiences worth the inconvenience that invariably accompanies traveling 🙂

World Travellers: Alisa Goz

World Travellers: Alisa Goz

What is the funniest travel experience you’ve had?

The funniest travel experience I’ve had was when I was in Jerusalem and bumped into my college roommate. We hadn’t seen each other in years, but it was such a surprise that we both just started laughing! We ended up spending the rest of the day exploring the city together – it was so much fun catching up on life and sharing stories about our adventures. It felt like being home for a few hours, being with someone I already knew so well. It was truly one of my favorite memories from that trip!

What is the scariest travel experience you’ve had?

When I was 16, my parents sent me on a solo trip to Hungary to visit my friend in Budapest. I was so excited!

But, on the way back home, I got the time of departure mixed up and arrived at the airport after the flight had already finished boarding! I was so scared to tell my parents I made such a silly mistake. After crying at the counter for a good 15 minutes I called my dad.

I think he was too worried about all my crying to yell at me!

A few years later, it became one of those funny stories we look back at with a good mix of embarrassment and nostalgia! Since then, I’ve actually never been late for a flight.

What is the most random job you have had on your travels?

One of the most randomly interesting jobs I’ve done while traveling was writing reviews of obscure art films. It’s a project I never expected to be part of, but it was actually quite enjoyable!

Even though some of the films were quite abstract and hard to interpret, I found myself getting into the stories and appreciating the beauty of arthouse film-making.

As an avid writer, it felt truly rewarding to have a platform that allowed me to be creative and laud commendable achievements in an oftentimes challenging art form.

How do you fund your travels?

Since quitting my full-time job in 2021, I have been able to fund my travels in a variety of ways. One of the main ways is by blogging, freelance writing, and doing personal assistant work. At one point I also took a part-time remote job as a project manager.

Even with these unpredictable working scenarios, I’m managing to stay afloat, get around, and most importantly, find incredibly rewarding experiences through travel!

What 3 tips would you give a new traveler before they set off on their adventure?

If you’re about to set off on an adventure, congratulations! Traveling is one of life’s most rewarding experiences. To make the most of it, here are a few tips that I recommend to all new travelers:

First, be prepared. Make sure you have all the necessary documents and vaccination certifications ready. Double-check all your flight details and book any transportation or accommodation in advance.

Second, be flexible. Traveling can be unpredictable, so it’s important to be flexible and open to change. Your plans may not always go as expected, so having a backup plan and being adaptable can help you make the most of your trip. Plus, being flexible can lead to unexpected adventures and experiences that you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

And third, don’t try to do too much; allow yourself some time to relax and explore naturally (and don’t forget the camera!). Wherever you head off to, take these three pieces of advice with you – travel safe and enjoy your adventure!

What are your future travel plans?

Coming up in a few weeks, I’ll be traveling to Switzerland! I’ve been there once before in the summer months and am excited to go back. If I’m lucky with the weather, I might even go skiing in the Swiss Alps (the season usually runs through the end of March).

Things I’m looking forward to doing there? Eating fondue, exploring the beautiful towns and villages in the countryside, and of course, hitting the slopes!

Apart from that, I’m also planning a few weekend trips to nearby cities in Israel.


Alisa Goz is a digital nomad, travel blogger, and passionate life-long learner. Join Alisa at for the best tips for stress-free travel. Before starting her blog, Alisa worked as a non-profit fundraiser at top New York cultural institutions. She carries her passion for building community through everything she does. 


Thanks to Alisa for being the latest in my series of World Travellers! If you travel the world and run a travel blog or are a travel writer, please get in touch, you can be featured , either e-mail jonny (at) dontstopliving (dot) net or head to my contacts page and get connected! You can also subscribe to Don’t Stop Living by filling in the form below! Safe travels!

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