You Haven’t Really Travelled Unless…

…well it used to be “you haven’t really travelled unless you have been to South America.” But that’s clearly wrong. What it should read as is “you haven’t really travelled unless you’ve been to South America, Antarctica and Africa.” Let’s be honest that hat-trick of continents are easily the best on planet earth.

And funnily enough they ended up being the last three continents I visited. But save the best to last eh?

Anyway just a quick update to say that the recent posts on here are very scattered and in no order. They are just the posts I managed to put together in hostels, airports, bus terminals and cafes over the last few months of travel. So when I return to Australia they will be updated, backdated and many photos and videos will be added.

Normality will be restored when I return to work next week having bumped up my country count to 55, and my continent count to…all of them.

I write this from Soweto, in South Africa where tonight I will enjoy the experience of living with a local family.

This last few months have actually been the busiest and craziest journey. With ups, downs and more cancelled/delayed buses, trains, planes whatever you can imagine.

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