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World Borders: How to Get From Andorra to Catalonia (Escaldes Engordany to Barcelona)

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Arrival into Catalonia after four epic days in the tiny country of Andorra was by bus and yet another magical journey on this here sphere. While based in Andorra, I decided to stay in the town of Escaldes Engordany, which …

Thirsty Thursdays: 6 Quirky Bars From My Nights Out in Barcelona, Catalonia

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“Sometimes I feel like I’m in Barcelona” – D Kay and Epsilon. The Catalonian capital of Barcelona is a city I could actually see myself living in. The odd thing about it is that Barcelona was never on my list …

Backpacking in Catalonia: A Quick Guide to Barcelona

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Barcelona is one of Europe’s premier tourist destinations but don’t let the over touristy appeal put you off. This great city has been transformed from a small port during the days of the Roman Empire to an amazing city with …

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Backpacking in Catalonia: Top 5 Sights in Barcelona

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You might be surprised to see me do a top 5 of a really popular city and one that has ben covered so much on travel blogs, but it was my first time to tour Barcelona this year and I …

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Backpacking in Catalonia: Exploring the Village of Gracia in Barcelona

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Barcelona shouts “tourist city” to me and while I can see the reason why it attracts more travellers than Valencia, I still knew I could escape the crowds and get to some off the wall places. While backpacking in Catalonia …

Staying in the Best Hostel in Barcelona, Catalonia: Hostal Barcelona

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Let me start with a shock for you. Obvious European cities never did much for me. I never had any intention of visiting places like Paris, Munich, Rome, Madrid and Barcelona. But the travel lifestyle is unpredictable. While looking for …

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Gracia Neighbourhood Food Tour with Devour Barcelona in Catalonia

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After touring Andorra and loving my first week in mainland Europe for over 5 years, I decided on doing some quirky and unusual things when my backpack and I hit the Catalonian city of Barcelona. Officially and politically I was …

World Borders: How to Get From Barcelona Airport to Andorra by Bus (Catalonia/Spain to Andorra)

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As well as being a proud Catalan city, Barcelona (officially part of Spain) also sits near the border of two other countries, Andorra and France and both are only a 3 hour trip from Barcelona. As I had been to …