Some Cool Food Experiences in Barcelona, Catalonia From WithLocals

jonny blair nou camp barcelona

Visiting the Nou Camp in Barcelona.

You might have read about my stories backpacking in Barcelona in Catalonia, having crossed in from Andorra. I loved my time in this city and surprised myself by this. I expected it to be overtouristic, dear and too cliched. However, it wasn’t like that at all. I loved touring the sights, drinking in bars with my cousin and doing a tour of Gracia Village. For food lovers, here are a couple of brilliant new and exciting food experiences in Barcelona from WithLocals that you should try and book.

backpacking food tour barcelona

Cool food experiences in Barcelona, Catalonia

1.Spanish Tapas on a “Secret” Rooftop!
If you have followed my travels, you know I love uncovering secrets everywhere I go. Here in Barcelona, embark on a secret rooftop food tour. The secret is actually the natural and fresh products as they are taken from Santa Caterina market, probably the best in Barcelona and a little off the tourist scent. Food wise, it’s hard to beat with lots of local delicacies to surprise you, I won’t give too much away!

gracia food tour catalonia

Catalonian treats in Barcelona

The drinks include water, red and white wine, beer and you will also be able to try a glass of local Cava (Catalonian style) as a warm welcome and some home-made alcohol is another surprise…

Cool Barcelona Tours by WithLocals

Cool Barcelona Tours by WithLocals

2.Dining with Marco Polo: Silk Road Delicacies
A special treat from the Marco Polo Silk Road story is certainly to mix a range of spices and convert them into one glorious feast and that is exactly what happens on the “Dining with Marco Polo” night. The countries visited along the Silk Road such as Iran, Turkmenistan and China, are represented by a special spice or ingredient, giving you a unique experience all combined here to perfection in lively Barcelona.

Raise your glasses in Barcelona

Raise your glasses in Barcelona

It’s a four course meal, hearty and wholesome and combines a host of cultures and culinary varieties. There will be always a starter, a first course with homemade pasta, noodles or rice, a main course with meat or fish and a dessert and of course some alcohol too. Here it is normally wine served with each course.

So next time you are travelling to Barcelona, you now have my cool guide to the city sights, a nice hostel to stay in and now the perfect food experiences and tips to enjoy the most of your time herein the Catalonian capital. One can also use Vertoe’s luggage storage in Barcelona while visiting different places in the city without the worry of losing them.

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