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Backpacking in Costa Rica: World of Snakes, Grecia and Zoo Ave

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When I was backpacking in Costa Rica, I was based mostly in San Jose and Alajuela. It was my last country of call on that adventure overland from Mexico City down to Alajuela. I was able to get a good mix …

Backpacking in Costa Rica: Top 5 Sights in Alajuela

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When backpacking in Costa Rica, the city of Alajuela is most definitely not on most people’s tourist trail. However, my final flight out of Costa Rica to the USA was from San Jose international airport, which is actually closer to Alajuela …

A Cool Guide to Costa Rica’s Capital: The Real San Jose by Michael Miller

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You might have read my post on a walking tour of San Jose, Costa Rica’s capital. I was staying in the quirky and inspiring Hemingway Inn in San Jose. A building with character and history and by chance I got …

Book Review: Mercenary Justice by Deacon Blake

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You might have read some of my book reviews before, it’s something I’m strict about. I only ever read books that I am genuinely interested in, and I never go browsing for books and just nonchalantly pick one up and …

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Walking Tour of San Jose, Costa Rica: Top 10 Sights

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While backpacking in Costa Rica recently you might have read how I stayed in the inspiring Hemingway Inn in the Barrio Amon in San Jose. During my stay, not only did I meet traveller and author Deacon Blake, but I …

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Staying in Kaps Place, San Jose, Costa Rica: Awesome Family Run Bed and Breakfast

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Costa Rica was the last country on my Central American adventure and I was in dire need of a private room and a cosy one. Night buses, dorms, bed bugs and early mornings had taken their toll. I was lucky …

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My Home in the Mountains: Staying at Vista Linda Montana, Alajuela, Costa Rica

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My central American adventure was coming to an end and I knew it. I had two final nights in Costa Rica and having already explored San Jose, the capital, I decided to enjoy my final two nights in Central America …

One Inspiring Night: Staying in the Hemingway Inn, San Jose, Costa Rica

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Well life continues to inspire me and when you wake up in the morning you have no idea where you will end up that night. This is what I buzz off. However before I had even got my bus to …