12 Common Camping Mistakes: Tips to Be a Good Camper

12 Common Camping Mistakes: Tips to Be a Good Camper

Camping is all about enjoying nature while being prepared. However, some may not play by the rules and so find only the bad side of the wonderful experience. But, it does not have to be that way. If you know these quick tricks, you will be able to enjoy camping.

Relaxing by my tent in Poatina, Tasmania, Australia.

Try to avoid these common camping mistakes and you will be a pro camper in no time.

1. Knowing Everything about the Camping Area

You should do thorough research about the camping area before you leave the house. The exact location and what to expect in that area – these are all crucial to know.

2. Making a Checklist of Things to Do and Things to Bring

Come up with a to-do list that contains everything you want to do during the camping trail. Plus, make a list of things that you should bring in order to enjoy camping.

3. Testing All the Instruments before Leaving Home

You should carefully test all equipment before you go camping. Some of it might not be working properly. So, you have to give it a test run.

camping in poatina

12 Common Camping Mistakes: Tips to Be a Good Camper

4. Carrying Enough Essential Backups

Do not rely solely on the items that you need. Bring back up for ultra-essential stuff. Such as the camp-fire, lights, enough food, and so on. Back-up is very important for enjoying a tension-free experience.

5. Informing the Right Person before Starting the Journey

Before you leave for camping, you should inform the right person about your trip. Give them enough information about the place and the duration of your stay. Also, provide them with the necessary contact details.

poatina camping

The inside of my tent from my time camping in Poatina in Australia

6. Picking Up Quality Equipment from the Market

Do not get a thousand different things from the market for your camping. Instead of buying a lot of cheap stuff, go for quality stuff that ensures multitasking. According to Faveable, The right camping gear is the key for successful camping trips.

7. Ensuring the Warmest Bed for Night Camps

You do not want to shiver in the cold when you are out there camping. A warm and cozy camping bag is a must. Get a camping bag that is both lightweight and warm at the same time. Try adding layers inside the bag if the weather is too cold.

8. Maintaining the Right Schedule for the Camping

Maintain the schedule that you have prepared for the camping. Arrive earlier to the camping spot so that you have enough time to set everything up. Do not come late at night, because things could go out of hand.

9. Leaving Food and Garbage Unprotected

Do not leave the food or your garbage outside. Try taking food that doesn’t have a strong scent. The smell of food and garbage attracts wild animals, and you do not want to mess with them. So, better take good care of your food and trash.

cut out paying excess baggage

12 Common Camping Mistakes: Tips to Be a Good Camper

10. Preparing the Bag-Pack Efficiently

Pack light, but at the same time, make sure that you have everything. Double check your list of needed items to make sure that you are not leaving anything behind.

11. Staying Up-to-Date with the Weather Forecast

Look up the weather forecast of the desired area. You should get the forecast for the entire duration of your camping dates.

12. Sticking Together All the Time Unless with a Clear Direction

Do not get separated at the camping spot if you do not know the place well. Travel in pairs, so that you have better judgement during any bad situation.

Bonus: Have Fun but Don’t Take Uncalculated Risks

Remember, the purpose of the whole thing is to have a lot of fun with your friends and family. So, do not be rigid and try to enjoy your time. But, at the same time, do not take unnecessary risks. Do not try to do anything that you feel unsafe about doing. It is not really a clever thing.


Camping lets you enjoy the great outdoors like nothing else. While camping, our survival instinct kicks in and the thrill is definitely enjoyable. So, try to follow these tips to have the best experience of your life. Until then, happy camping.

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