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Parramatta To Paramaribo

Seriously ask me 3 years ago if I had heard of either Parramatta or Paramaribo, and I would probably have said “no”. Life is a journey and I ended up in both, becoming quite attached to the former and inspired by the latter. So where are they and what are they?   Cities is the Read more about Parramatta To Paramaribo[…]

Backpacking in Brazil: “Down The Waterfall…”, Foz Do Iguaçu

In December 2010 I made it across the border into Brazil. I went from Argentina to Brazil on a bus across the bridge between Puerto Iguazu and Foz Do Iguacu. There were two border points, one for exiting Argentina and for for entering Brazil. We had to drive between the two. I was off chasing Read more about Backpacking in Brazil: “Down The Waterfall…”, Foz Do Iguaçu[…]

“The Monster”: Backpacking in Sao Paulo, Brazil

I read somewhere that Sao Paulo was a “monster” and I simply loved that word as a classification of a city. It was always the plan to end my recent South America experience in Sao Paulo, as my final flight to leave the continent would be from there. It quite simply is one of the Read more about “The Monster”: Backpacking in Sao Paulo, Brazil[…]