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Tuesday’s Travel Essentials: Passport Photos

Time for the latest Tuesday’s Travel Essentials again. Getting visas becomes a regular part of your travels and therefore a handy tip to save time, money and effort is to always carry passport photos. Personally I carry between 12 – 15 of them at any one time. They take up only a small amount of Read more about Tuesday’s Travel Essentials: Passport Photos[…]

Jonny Blair at Don't Stop Living recommends US Dollars

Monday’s Money Saving Tips: Always Carry US Dollars

  It’s important as a traveller to carry a mixture of currencies at all times. Especially when you need to change countries so often and cross borders. Bear in mind that I haven’t lived or travelled in Europe for the last 4 years and you’ll realise why I’m telling you to ALWAYS carry US Dollars Read more about Monday’s Money Saving Tips: Always Carry US Dollars[…]

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Parramatta To Paramaribo

Seriously ask me 3 years ago if I had heard of either Parramatta or Paramaribo, and I would probably have said “no”. Life is a journey and I ended up in both, becoming quite attached to the former and inspired by the latter. So where are they and what are they?   Cities is the Read more about Parramatta To Paramaribo[…]