Jonny Blair of Dont Stop Living recommends avoiding taxis on your travels

Monday’s Money Saving Tips: Avoid Taxis

Today’s Monday’s Money Saving Tips is all about getting you to stop paying ridiculous amounts of money to taxi drivers!! They earn enough as it is and they often rip you off (and none of this “they work hard and work irregular hours” melarkey). Yes they work hard and work irregular hours, but so do Read more about Monday’s Money Saving Tips: Avoid Taxis[…]

Jonny Blair - Tuesday's Travel essentials is passport photos a lifestyle of travel

Tuesday’s Travel Essentials: Passport Photos

Time for the latest Tuesday’s Travel Essentials again. Getting visas becomes a regular part of your travels and therefore a handy tip to save time, money and effort is to always carry passport photos. Personally I carry between 12 – 15 of them at any one time. They take up only a small amount of Read more about Tuesday’s Travel Essentials: Passport Photos[…]