Jonny Blair of Don't Stop Living recommends anti malaria tablets

Tuesday’s Travel Essentials: Anti Malaria Tablets

You might have read my previous Tuesday’s Travel Essentials from a few months back on Insect Repellent or my advice on getting a Yellow Fever Certificate. I’m prone to getting insect bites everywhere I go and I always carry insect repellent, even to countries you wouldn’t think were at risk. However using repellent is one thing, Read more about Tuesday’s Travel Essentials: Anti Malaria Tablets[…]

Jonny Blair at Don't Stop Living recommends US Dollars

Monday’s Money Saving Tips: Always Carry US Dollars

  It’s important as a traveller to carry a mixture of currencies at all times. Especially when you need to change countries so often and cross borders. Bear in mind that I haven’t lived or travelled in Europe for the last 4 years and you’ll realise why I’m telling you to ALWAYS carry US Dollars Read more about Monday’s Money Saving Tips: Always Carry US Dollars[…]

Jonny Blair lives a lifestyle of travel

Travel Myths Busted: Part 4: There Is NO ‘Travel Bug!’

In  my series of Travel Myths I talk about any random travel related things that I disagree with or prove wrong. Given, that these are all honest posts and not meant to upset others, no doubt people will disagree with me (and feel free to disagree and comment) BUT I HATE it when people say Read more about Travel Myths Busted: Part 4: There Is NO ‘Travel Bug!’[…]

Jonny Blair of a lifestyle of travel heads to Asuncion

Paraguay: The Umbrella of South America

In many ways, or perhaps in every way, the very naming of Paraguay suggests that this central country is worthy of the title, “the umbrella of South America”, and probably only in my eyes. That’s what I call it, and nobody else has ever called it that.       So why do I call Read more about Paraguay: The Umbrella of South America[…]

Jonny Blair visited Castlerock in Northern Ireland

Castlerock, Northern Ireland, The 1990s

I spent manys a day in Castlerock during the 1990s. Castlerock is an excellent little seaside town on Northern Ireland’s north coast. A number of reasons influenced the fact that I spent Summer and Easter days there. One was with my old school, Bangor Grammar who made a habit of holding summer camp at Guysmere Read more about Castlerock, Northern Ireland, The 1990s[…]

Is this the way to Weymouth, Dorset??

As detailed in other blog posts, during 2005 I helped set up and became chairman of the South of England Northern Ireland Supporters Club. The idea really was just to set up an amazing wee club in the south of England for Northern Ireland football fans, or anyone who enjoys a good day out really. Read more about Is this the way to Weymouth, Dorset??[…]