Jonny Blair going snorkelling in the Philippines

Snorkelling at Balicasag Island, The Philippines

I first went snorkelling when I was about 6 or 7 and growing up in Northern Ireland. But all there was to see in places like Castlerock, Portrush and Cloughy were crabs and shells. Here in Balicasag Island off the coast of Bohol and Pangalo Islands in the Philippines you can get a really good Read more about Snorkelling at Balicasag Island, The Philippines[…]

Jonny Blair lives a lifestyle of travel

Travel Myths Busted: Part 4: There Is NO ‘Travel Bug!’

In  my series of Travel Myths I talk about any random travel related things that I disagree with or prove wrong. Given, that these are all honest posts and not meant to upset others, no doubt people will disagree with me (and feel free to disagree and comment) BUT I HATE it when people say Read more about Travel Myths Busted: Part 4: There Is NO ‘Travel Bug!’[…]

Jonny Blair visited Castlerock in Northern Ireland

Castlerock, Northern Ireland, The 1990s

I spent manys a day in Castlerock during the 1990s. Castlerock is an excellent little seaside town on Northern Ireland’s north coast. A number of reasons influenced the fact that I spent Summer and Easter days there. One was with my old school, Bangor Grammar who made a habit of holding summer camp at Guysmere Read more about Castlerock, Northern Ireland, The 1990s[…]