Travel Myths Busted: Part 4: There Is NO ‘Travel Bug!’

Jonny Blair lives a lifestyle of travel

Travel Myths Busted on Don’t Stop Living – ‘There is NO travel bug!’ – enjoying a lifestyle of travel because I LOVE it!

In  my series of Travel Myths I talk about any random travel related things that I disagree with or prove wrong. Given, that these are all honest posts and not meant to upset others, no doubt people will disagree with me (and feel free to disagree and comment) BUT I HATE it when people say things like “I’ve caught the travel bug”, “Have you caught the travel bug?”, “You must have caught the travel bug then”. Honestly this time on Travel Myth’s Busted I’m just telling you there is NO travel bug! Besides the word “bug” just irritates me!

Jonny Blair - travel myths busted there is no travel bug

Relaxing at Eluanbi, “the beacon of South East Asia” in TAIWAN. Still no travel bug caught…

So I grew up in Northern Ireland. Summers were spent in Portrush, Castlerock, Portballintrae and Portstewart (where?). I just loved going to places like that. As I got older, family holidays became trips across to England, Wales, Scotland and France. I just loved going to places like that. As a teenager I finally escaped Europe and visited the USA. Still no travel bug, I just enjoyed going there!

Jonny Blair in Bejing enjoying Peking Duck

Trying Peking Duck in Beijing, CHINA. I didn’t have a “travel bug” I just loved travelling!

One day in 2007 I landed in China for the first time! I still hadn’t caught any ‘travel bug’, I just loved going to places like that!

There is no travel bug it's all a myth

There is no “travel bug” – who wants a “bug” anyway?! I live a lifestyle of travel bereft of bugs!

Short and sweet this post – no apologies for that whatsoever! I just wanted to bust this myth that there is a “travel bug” – if there is, I’ve yet to catch it, and that’s nothing to do with using insect repellent! I just love travelling and going new places, trying new things, changing jobs, meeting new people and generally just enjoying our cherished life on this planet. Do yourself a favour and Don’t Stop Living!!

If you really have caught the travel bug, feel free to disagree with me, leave a comment and tell me what the symptoms and cures are!!

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2 thoughts on “Travel Myths Busted: Part 4: There Is NO ‘Travel Bug!’

  • I certainly thing some people can become addicted even to the point where they don’t even like what they are doing but they just HAVE to travel to another place to fill the pins in on their map. Travel can become boring if you don’t take your time to take stock of where you are actually going.

  • Decent point Forest – and we’ve all been places that we don’t like, BUT we have to go there to know we don’t like them. I still can never get bored of travelling, not sure if the enjoyment of a new place will ever wear off!! Safe travels mate!

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