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Friday’s Featured Food: Paraguayan All You Can Eat Buffet!

Paraguay offers you an alternative experience to the rest of South America as I seen it. Here in Asuncion, the country’s capital city, tourists are few and far between. Even staying at the city’s best hostel (by a country mile) The Black Cat, the rooms weren’t full and you could kind of tell you were Read more about Friday’s Featured Food: Paraguayan All You Can Eat Buffet![…]

Unknown Asuncion

When your wandering heart takes you to a wet, drizzly, quiet bus station on a Sunday night 8 kilometres from the less ventured capital city of Paraguay, you know you’ve struck gold. You know you are a traveller and you know that all those Spanish classes will come in handy in a land of unique, Read more about Unknown Asuncion[…]

Jonny Blair of a lifestyle of travel heads to Asuncion

Paraguay: The Umbrella of South America

In many ways, or perhaps in every way, the very naming of Paraguay suggests that this central country is worthy of the title, “the umbrella of South America”, and probably only in my eyes. That’s what I call it, and nobody else has ever called it that.       So why do I call Read more about Paraguay: The Umbrella of South America[…]