Empanadas in Uruguay

Friday’s Featured Food: Uruguayan Empanadas

I loved Uruguay and it will always rank high with me in my list of countries I’ve been to. I liked it so much I stayed there, studying Spanish and living with a local family (the wonderful Perla ). I stayed in the Parque Rodo district in Montevideo. However it wasn’t the relaxed, flambouyant Uruguayan capital Read more about Friday’s Featured Food: Uruguayan Empanadas[…]

Jonny Blair on a nightbus from La Paz to Potosi in Bolivia

Backpacking in Bolivia: Night Bus To Potosi Via Oruro

Leaving La Paz had already involved a bit of mayhem, but now I was on the correct bus and relaxed as the world’s highest capital city faded out of view, at least until later on that week when I returned to La Paz.   My bus by Trans Copacabana was excellent. And as usual, loads Read more about Backpacking in Bolivia: Night Bus To Potosi Via Oruro[…]

Backpacking in Argentina: Buenos Noches Buenos Aires

It was time to say Buenos Noches (goodnight) to Buenos Aires exactly this time last year in order for me to fly south down to Ushuaia – the world’s most southern “city” which is located in Argentina at Tierra Del Fuego – “land of fire”. Ironically one of the coldest places you could go! (So Read more about Backpacking in Argentina: Buenos Noches Buenos Aires[…]

Unknown Asuncion

When your wandering heart takes you to a wet, drizzly, quiet bus station on a Sunday night 8 kilometres from the less ventured capital city of Paraguay, you know you’ve struck gold. You know you are a traveller and you know that all those Spanish classes will come in handy in a land of unique, Read more about Unknown Asuncion[…]

Jonny Blair of a lifestyle of travel heads to Asuncion

Paraguay: The Umbrella of South America

In many ways, or perhaps in every way, the very naming of Paraguay suggests that this central country is worthy of the title, “the umbrella of South America”, and probably only in my eyes. That’s what I call it, and nobody else has ever called it that.       So why do I call Read more about Paraguay: The Umbrella of South America[…]

Jonny Blair living a lifestyle of travel in Montevideo, URUGUAY

Living and Studying in Uruguay

I’ve now been a student in four different countries, as I’m now studying Spanish here in Uruguay. None of this was planned. It just kind of happened. It’s a very tough language to grasp and I’m not particularly strong with languages, I remember the words but my pronunciation is so shit I might as well Read more about Living and Studying in Uruguay[…]