Living and Studying in Uruguay

I’ve now been a student in four different countries, as I’m now studying Spanish here in Uruguay. None of this was planned. It just kind of happened.

It’s a very tough language to grasp and I’m not particularly strong with languages, I remember the words but my pronunciation is so shit I might as well not bother. Even a few days ago, I tried to talk to a Uruguayan in Spanish and he didn’t even understand when i said “de donde eres?” which means “where are you from?” his reply was “dont speak english much” to me, he didn’t even realise I was trying my Spanish. Then I learn that here in Uruguay they actually say “de donde sos?”, yes Spanish differs from country to country…

I am living with Perla here in Guana, Parque Rodo an inner suburb of Montevideo. I am attending the local Spanish School which is on Gomez, by Plaza Independencia in the city centre of Montevideo.

I was always fascinated by Uruguay as a child, especially given their football history and to be living here and studying here feels good. I don’t have much time to hang around though so will stay a few weeks, finish my course and get the certificate and then move on. But it would be nice to stay longer.

Uruguay, once dubbed the Switzerland of South America, is certainly a nice place to be right now.

From a 30 year old student…

Jonny Blair living a lifestyle of travel in Montevideo, URUGUAY

Living and Studying in Uruguay – Learning Spanish in Montevideo!


(*”adios” doesn’t mean goodbye here…)

Where I’m studying – Academia Uruguay

Where I’m Living – Guana, Parque Rodo, Montevideo, URUGUAY

Class I’m studying – Intensive Espanol

Hours of study – 20 hours of class per week, plus free seminars afterwards and 10 hours minimum of home study

Subjects I’ve Studied By Country –

…in Northern Ireland – GCSEs, A-Levels, City & Guild’s, Queens Access Course
…in England – Honours Degree, Food Hygiene, Boat Qualifications
…in Australia – RSA, RCG
…in Uruguay – Spanish Course
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