3 Essential Items To Have With You When Wild Camping

3 Essential Items To Have With You When Wild Camping

3 Essential Items To Have With You When Wild Camping

When you’re traveling on a budget, hostels are usually a great way to save money and do more traveling. What happens when even cheap hostels are out of your budget?

That’s when you should look into wild camping. If you are used to backpacking, then you can take things to the next logical level and start bringing along your own accommodations. A tent and some other essentials can set you up to travel for almost free.

Wild camping is not for every traveler, but those that love a sense of adventure and don’t mind roughing it will get a lot more out of their camping experience and save money in the process.

In this article, I will go over several of the must have items when you plan your wild camping trip so you can be comfortable and actually enjoy it.

1 – The right tools

I’ll skip the actual most important thing, i.e. the tent, as it is fairly obvious that you need a tent to go camping. In this section we will stick to the tools you need to get by out in nature.

You should have a mini shovel to be able to dig out a campfire that will be safe, and then be able to cover it with soil or sand to put it out after. A headlamp is also essential as you are going to likely be out and about as it gets dark. Not to mention a quick trip out of the tent for a potty run will also be much easier when you don’t have to carry a flashlight.

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3 Essential Items To Have With You When Wild Camping

A knife like a Bowie outdoor knife is also a good tool to have as you may need to cut through brush and foliage and can be used to cut your way out of trouble. You may need it to cut branches to set up your shelter area or all types of other uses.

Lastly, a first aid kit should also be in your rucksack as you never know what you will be faced with when you are off the beaten path.

2 – Keep dry

Rain and even rivers may be a factor when you are out camping so you’ll need a good dry bag to keep an extra set of clothes in case your others get wet. It is also a good idea to keep any of your personal items in there.

A passport, money, credit cards and other things like it need to be kept dry and secure and a dry bag can handle that.

You should also make sure to have a poncho to wear to stay dry if you are out on a hike and it does start raining.

3 Essential Items To Have With You When Wild Camping

3 Essential Items To Have With You When Wild Camping

3 – A cooktop

You would be surprised at how little space an entire kitchen is that can be packed and taken out with you. Tiny stovetop cookers can keep you fed with hot food as well as foldable pans and other cookware. Even your drinking cup can be collapsed to take up little space. Cooking a homemade hot meal when out camping can make the trip feel more like home.

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