3 Marketing Concepts That Form The Basis Of Marketing Management Philosophy

Marketing is the process by which a business creates and delivers its products or services to their target market. It includes the design and development of marketing campaigns aimed at identifying potential markets, defining competitors’ strategies, implementing modifications to maximize response rates, and establishing marketing channels. It also involves the development of marketing plans and tracking performance against objectives. Marketing research is an important component of marketing planning. It helps in improving the effectiveness of current marketing practices and identifying new areas for growth.

3 Marketing Concepts That Form The Basis Of Marketing Management Philosophy

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing can be defined as an approach that involves exchanging information about your products and services with potential customers. This can include using media, websites, social networks and emails to target potential customers. There are even influencers that use podcasting nowadays, and many micro-influencer tend to use website that allow them to buy Spotify followers in order to get ahead of the game. The basic purpose of this marketing strategy is to build a long-term relationship with the customer by providing useful information. This allows you to create a sense of trust in the customer so that he will be more likely to purchase from you in the future.

Direct Marketing

The two concepts of marketing are very closely related and are often used interchangeably. Direct marketing is one of the oldest and most effective marketing strategies. It includes the use of advertisements, promotions, and campaigns in order to acquire and maintain a certain level of customer loyalty. Most of the time, these campaigns are geared towards attracting new customers. Direct marketing strategies have also been known to boost sales of existing customers.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another successful concept that is designed to increase a company’s profitability. It involves accepting payments from consumers for generating traffic to a website. This concept uses the value of subscribers to earn commission from every sale of their products. The challenge faced by affiliates is to generate traffic to their web page without compromising the quality of the product.


Another effective marketing concept is that of advertising. Advertising can communicate the message that a company wants to get across to its consumers. It is important to remember that advertising should not be confused with search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is an aspect of marketing that many people still do not understand. In SEO, a website is optimized in terms of its content, keywords, and relevance with regard to what the consumer needs. Search engine marketing starts from here and is more about gaining brand awareness through effective advertising.

Affiliate Sales

The last concept is that of affiliate sales. This is the most difficult and time-consuming part of marketing. Affiliates are required to generate traffic to a website and sell the product or service being promoted through the website. For this, they are rewarded only if consumers who visit their site buy something from them. 


There are a lot of companies that carry out marketing research. This ensures that a company is able to determine the needs of its consumers. A company can start by conducting market research to determine the demand for a particular product or service. Market research allows companies to develop marketing activities that suit the needs of the consumer. It also helps them develop promotional activities that are more focused on selling a product or service than on developing it.

Final Notes

These are just three of the marketing concepts that go into marketing management philosophies. It is essential to incorporate all these concepts and understand them well if one is to achieve the goal of developing an effective selling strategy. It is also essential to monitor the progress and performance of these marketing activities. Marketers should develop a system that will help them measure their success and identify opportunities that can be capitalized on. It is through a combination of these activities that a business will be able to capitalize on the changes and developments taking place in the market. The best way to do this is by ensuring that they have a well-diversified mix of strategies that will enable them to respond to all manner of market conditions.

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