5 Best Casino Cities in 2020

Outside the famous Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco.

Backpacking in Monte Carlo in Monaco

As the world has gone into lockdown, shutdown, closed borders, silent streets, the global economy has suffered and continues to suffer. The online world though, carries on regardless doesn’t it? It’s a time to turn to online dating via Tinder, football quizzes with your mates using Whereby or Zoom and indulging in online betting on English casino sites. This means that those beautiful tourist places must wait. We must bide our time before we think about putting our backpacks on again. In this time of less travel, I will do a few posts on lists of places that you can visit, when everything returns to normal of course. Today, here are the best five casino cities – many of which will be currently taking it easy before the next surge arrives in an era which will hopefully be known as post-Corona Virus.

1.Las Vegas

I haven’t been yet! Crazy isn’t it? I backpacked 150+ countries, over 1,000 cities and I neglected to even pop into Vegas and say hi. It was never really my thing, but Las Vegas has been a casino hotspot for years and people keep flocking to it. I have been told many times to visit. Maybe one day, but it’s not exactly beating down my door…

Las Vegas, USA


In contrast to Las Vegas, I loved Macau and I visited a load of swanky Casinos there. From the Hyatt to the Venetian, to the famous Casino Lisboa. I backpacked Macau twice and loved it. I crossed into Macau in different ways each time, once from China where I backpacked Zhuhai and another time by ferry from Hong Kong!

Best Casinos in the World – Macau

3.Monte Carlo

For counting countries geeks and unrecognised countries, this place is a double whammy. I finally headed to Monte Carlo in 2016 while watching Northern Ireland at the Euro 2016 tournament. Despite being unrecognised by FIFA and UEFA, Monaco is by my standards a separate country! I crossed by train from Nice in France and with my Dad and brother Marko, we backpacked the main sights of Monte Carlo in Monaco by foot! This of course included the famous casino.

Getting my passport stamped in Monte Carlo, Monaco

4.Bournemouth, ENGLAND

This might be a surprise entrant on the list but of course I am slightly biased. I spent 6 years living in the seaside town and loved it. This was the first place that I ever went to a Casino. When I lived in Bournemouth, Millwall Neil, Austin and I used to pop in here as it was the only bar open after 2 am during the week when we were crazy students.

Graduation from Bournemouth University (2008)

Graduation from Bournemouth University (2008)


I also spent some time living in the land down under and when I did, I spent a year of that in Sydney. I loved the vibe of the city and the harbour. I became a member of the casino here and had a lot of fun times. I left that life all behind years ago, but the vibe continues down in Sydney with a load of great casinos.

Last day in 2009 – partying in Sydney, Australia

This is food for thought once the virus threat eases. I truly hope the world will allow us to travel again without any risk of killing ourselves and others with the spread of this monster.

Stay safe, happy and healthy!

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