5 Reasons Why Santorini is the Best for a Romantic Holiday

If you are looking for a couple’s holiday then you will be spoiled for choice with all the different locations that you can choose from across the world. Where exactly you go depends on what you are looking for; whether it is a holiday full of fun activities or a holiday where you can relax or even a holiday where you can do both. Santorini is often put forward as one of the most romantic locations in the world and it has been a favourite for couples for years. Keep reading to find out why you should go here for your next couple’s holiday.

5 Reasons Why Santorini is the Best for a Romantic Holiday

5 Reasons Why Santorini is the Best for a Romantic Holiday

Stunning Villas

No romantic holiday to Santorini would be complete without staying in a luxury villa. When you stay in Santorini, you will be able to choose from a number of villas that have views of the beach and views that stretch for miles. You will also be able to enjoy villas in other locations that can be more exclusive and further up on the island. Depending on the type of villa you choose, you can also enjoy the chance to have your own pool for your private use only. It will just be you and your partner; utter romantic bliss!

Beautiful Beaches

There are many different beaches in Greece to visit that are all extremely beautiful and provide you with a lot of time to relax. When you go to Santorini, there are a number of beaches to choose from where you can relax and enjoy the Mediterranean sunshine or even some romantic strolls and picnics.

One beach in Santorini you should definitely visit is the Red beach which is filled with turquoise water and hundreds of rocks and mountain that are red in colour. Kamari beach is another popular beach to visit which gives you the chance to lounge around on the sun chairs or to take a swim to cool off. White beach is another popular beach to visit in Santorini and it is located near Red beach, this beach gets its name because the rocks surrounding it are white in colour. Any one of these could provide a brilliant opportunity to get out of your villa to see more of the island.

Many Restaurants

In Santorini, you will be spoiled for choice with the number of restaurants you can eat at either indoor or outdoor. The food in Santorini is delicious and you can try new foods that you may have never tried before. Grab some fresh-caught seafood or try some traditional Greek delights.


In Santorini, you will have plenty of romantic photo options with the number of stunning buildings and scenery on show all over the island. No matter where you go and explore, you will be sure to find many romantic spots all around the island of Santorini. Make sure you take a few photos, where they are for a couple goals photo for Instagram or something private for both of you.


When you travel to Santorini, you will find that there are many opportunities for you to go and enjoy taking part in activities. Some of the activities you can take part in are; tours around the island either by walking or by boat. You can also book tours specifically as a couple, for example, go horse riding around the island, go to wine tasting events or even couples massages and spa trips. If you are looking for more thrilling activities, you can go divining in the oceans and snorkelling as well as go on boat rides to different Greek islands near Santorini.

In Conclusion

Overall, the island of Santorini in Greece is a perfect place to go if you are looking for a romantic getaway. This island is well known for its gorgeous scenery and amazing beaches which makes it a very popular holiday destination for couples. It is the perfect place to escape to if you want the chance to spend time with your other half in a bubble with just the two of you. If this sounds like the sort of holiday you like the sound of, you should definitely think about Santorini for your next couple’s holiday. Start looking into how to make it happen now!


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