5 Tips to Seeing Italy for the First Time

5 Tips to Seeing Italy for the First Time

Mention Rome’s iconic ruins or Venice’s romantic airways and Italy quickly springs to mind. What exactly is a tour to Italy like? What can you expect to find in this place? Here are the top five tips to seeing Italy for the first time:

1) Book For Sailing Trips

For a country that is surrounded by five seas, Italy is a dream choice for your sailing vacation. The popular routes for sailing in Italy include Salerno, Naples, and the Amalfi coast, Sardinia, the islands of Ischia and Ponza, and the Capri Blue Lagoon.

Sailing along Sicily and the Aeolian islands leaves nothing to be desired. These regions have a variety of ports such as Marsala, Sant Agata, Portorosa, and Palermo that will give you such a thrilling experience. It never stops there; you can also explore the Tuscan Archipelago for days.

2) Coffee Etiquette

During your visit to Italy, you will be amazed at how the locals have so much affection for coffee. Shopping for a quick coffee in Italy is like a ritual. To get in the mix and do it like a native, begin by paying at the cash register before proceeding with your receipt to get your order. When you get your coffee, drink it while standing at the bar since sitting at a table can only incur more costs.

Gondola Ride in Venice, Italy

3) Train Travel Is Cheap As Long As You Validate Your Ticket

Train travel in Italy is probably cheaper than in most European countries. Besides, these trains are available almost anywhere you want to go, from city to city or around a specific city. The train schedules and routes are also really simple to understand.

However, the real confusion arises from the issue of validating your ticket before boarding the train. The process of validating your ticket is never that difficult. All you need to do is look for the validation machine, usually green and white, and insert your ticket to print the date and time. You will then have to show your conductor the ticket before your journey. Sadly, you can never have a ride if your ticket is not validated.

4) Dress Like A Local

Despite being a safe place to visit, there are specific places that petty criminals like to prey on the unaware tourists. This might be a common problem in tourist areas in major cities, but to be on the safer side, it is advisable to dress like an Italian. Dressing in this manner is the best way to protect yourself. Additionally, it gives a good feeling when you blend into the crowd of beautiful Italians around you.

5) Churches And Restaurants Have Dress Codes

Like a great ritual, Italians strictly observe clothing and general appearance. Most of them view dressing as a sign of respect. Religious sites require the right attire that includes covered legs and shoulders.

Therefore, the best option when visiting Italy would be long sleeve shirts or blouses and skirts. These also double as the ideal attire at formal restaurants where you cannot get in with flip-flops, shorts, and other casual clothing.

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