Top 3 Tourist Destinations You Should Visit Once In A Lifetime 

Top 3 Tourist Destinations You Should Visit Once In A Lifetime

Our world is a vast place filled with mind-blowing and unexplored territories that tourists rarely visit. There are places that remain sacred and underrated due to their remote locations and detachment from the daily world. Before barging in on your trip, you should remember to locate a proper and safe parking place. The luggage should contain all the necessary essentials starting from documents to phone chargers. The luggage should be properly checked in and one should be early at the airport with the proper tickets and passport to avoid unnecessary delays due to big crowds which are normal during the travelling and festive seasons.  

These problems have been solved as of today. Companies have come up with an idea that allows users to book parking spaces in major airports through smartphones or web browser. For example, you can find out about LGA parking prices online. You can reserve your spot and save time and worry.  

The majority of the tourists and travelers visit places that are popular and especially crowded during peak season. But for people looking out to try delicacies that are unheard of, witness art that is unknown to the society and enjoy nature at its best, I have some experiences of my own that I would like to share. 

The Ancient Village of La Scola, Italy 

Italy is the perfect tourist destination as millions of tourists across the world visit the exotic places every year to witness art and the true beauty of nature. Most of the towns and cities hold an enriching history which is evident from the moment you walk into one. Though one can easily find places to be from a simple google search, there exist regions which are known to the locals and are not crowded by tourists. One of them is the ancient village of La Scola, where it literally feels like time has stopped. The village stays hidden in plain sight, sitting 40 miles out of Bologna, North Italy. 

I had to take a detour while I was on my way to Florence from Bologna. Upon reaching the medieval village, I came across enormous houses that stood the test of time. Built centuries back, the massive structures have a unique style of architecture that remains unchanged till today. Untrimmed climbers, mostly honeysuckles can be seen creeping up on walls give the structures a subtle touch of nature. The preserved village has an interesting history and derived its name from the purpose it served, a military base! I was amazed to hear the history from the humble locals and it justified the presence of enormous towers throughout the village. They were formed in the 13th century. This was during a time when Italy witnessed a boom in the economy and a substantial increase in population. After serving its purpose, the village was not left to rot. Stonemasons were appointed to revamp the watchtowers into homes for families. My stay for 3 days convinced me that this was something I have never come across.  

The locals are mostly farmers and shop owners who uphold the traditions and the rich culture even today. One can see signs and scribblings in an ancient language around the village that hold unique stories according to the locals. Evening walks down the crooked cobblestoned streets, while admiring the huge structures that encircle you, recreates a scene right from the fairy tales taking you back in time. 

The Shore Of Punta Gallinas. 

My next trip took me to a completely different part of the globe, the northernmost tip of South America, the Punta Gallinas in La Guajira, Colombia. It is a long stretch of land that is inhabited by none. The place portrays an anomaly of nature, which is a desert with huge sand dunes that end up on the coast of Carribean. The desert is a no man’s land between the modern world on one side and the indigenous Wayuu tribe on the other. The view is quite intimidating for mere mortals like us. Unknown to the majority of the population, the Punta Gallinas is a sacred place in South America untouched by technology and pollution. 

Exploring the vast deserts is a little tricky and exhausting. I had to hire a jeep for a 2-day trip with just sand on the horizon and a vast clear sky above. The trip is not meant for the faint-hearted people. Basically, there are two pit stops that are to be explored, the Punta Gallinas and the Cabo de la Vela, the former being deep into the desert and the latter being nearer to the city. I chose to visit Punta Gallinas and the journey is pretty straightforward. A bus to Rioacha from Santa Marta is very convenient. From Rioacha tour groups can be located who charge $50 per trip to Punta Gallinas with meals and tents included. The nights are cold and exciting with the darkness around lit up by the millions of stars on the clear sky. 

The trip is worth its time, and when you finally reach the northernmost tip of the continent, the guides escort the tourists to a historic lighthouse between the sand dunes and the ocean. The cloudy backdrop behind the lighthouse and the incoming storm at the time of my visit instilled chills down my spine. The perception of beauty is bound to evolve after visiting this historic landmark. The locals of La Guajira enlighten us on the traditions and the origins of the Wayuu tribe which stay completely untouched by the modern world. 

The Rock Restaurant, Zanzibar 

Located on the tiny island, Zanzibar, Tanzania is a unique setting not known by most. It is located on top of a huge rock, just beside the island, and gets surrounded by sea water during high tides. To get to the restaurant, one can opt for the boats, though tourists swim to the restaurant just like I did. The setting is astonishing, dining on a rock surrounded by water with a view of both the extremities, the sea, and the desert, takes the experience to a whole new level. I had to let the feeling sink in with a glass of wine on the terrace, which is at a really good height. The staff is humble and kind and always welcome inquiries regarding the history of the restaurant. The booking every day closes by 7 pm, but the restaurant is open till midnight. By the end of the day, the moisture-filled breeze from the sea and the view of the sky with great seafood, and all of this while sitting on a rock is quite a thing. 

Reaching the rock is a quick journey from anywhere in the city. From Zanzibar, it is a one-hour drive to the Stone Town. From there it is a mere boat ride or a swim to the fascinating restaurant. From lobsters to prawns, the chef has customized cuisines for the visitors made from the freshly caught seafood. 

These are a few places in different parts of the globe that take us back in time and compels us to appreciate nature and architecture. I personally believe such remote and untouched locations should preserve its traditions and heritage that mesmerize the normal human coming from the modern world. 


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