The 6 Best Neighborhoods in Salt Lake City, USA

Best Neighbourhoods in Salt Lake City, USA

If you are considering a move to Salt Lake City in the USA, chances are you’ve been wondering about what types of neighbourhoods will be available to you. If you are making the move cross country, or just trekking across the US with a view to enjoying the “local lifestyle”, it’s critical that you know the best neighbourhoods in this city to check out. Backpackers on the move we do our research first.

Backpacking in the USA

Backpacking in the USA

While it’s a westernised country and one that is popular for tourists and backpackers, you have to remember the gun law here. Backpackers know the score – we’re on the lookout for what dangers lurk and for this reason, we get a good idea of the safest neighbourhoods in places like Salt Lake City. For example some of the luxury homes for sale in Salt Lake City are positioned in beautiful, safe, and upscale neighborhoods that have strict rules and regulations for residents. These rules and regulations help to ensure that the neighborhood itself remains in tip top quality while crime remains low and ensures that travellers can wander around and feel safe.

Here are my pick from the huge variety of excellent neighborhoods in Salt Lake City.

1. Harvard and Yale – A beautiful upscale neighborhood, Harvard/Yale contains a variety of beautiful homes that range in price. There are streets from 1300 to 1500 East that contain mansions priced into the multiple millions of dollars. Two-story houses are a staple of the neighborhood as is the beautiful Tudor style. The streets are lined with lush Sycamore trees, which serve to complete the effect. Houses in Harvard/Yale start in the $300s. One for the cameras guys!

2. Upper Sugar House – Many of the homes in this beautiful neighborhood were constructed between the 1920’s and 1940’s. Most of the older homes are contained between 1300 and 1500 East. There are a variety of “newer” homes, built after the second World War, located above 1500 East. There is a nearby business district called Foothill Village and there is a wonderful and quaint shopping strip that is found around the intersection of 15th and 15th. Upper Sugar House starts a little bit lower than Harvard/Yale at around $250k. This is a cool place to check out.

3. Lower Sugar House – While Upper Sugar House contains some beautiful old homes, Lower Sugar House was the original neighborhood and is filled with elegant homes built before 1930 and as far back as the turn of the century. Because of the age of the neighborhood, the trees are fully matured, lush and gorgeous. The name “Sugar House” itself is generally applied to any neighborhood that is found within a mile radius of Sugar House Park. There is also an excellent business district nearby. The homes of Lower Sugar House are a bit cheaper than its newer counterpart and are typically below $300k.  Scenic walks are worth it in this area. Some locals have converted rooms in their houses into bars.

Convert one of your rooms into a Northern Irish backpacker style bar.

Convert one of your rooms into a Northern Irish backpacker style bar.

4. Highland Park – This beautiful neighborhood is a little bit newer and is somewhat less expensive than Lower Sugar House. These homes have a more modern vibe with a similar look to each other as they were all developed around the same time. Even the schools were built around the same time. In Highland Park, you’ll see some swanky modern houses.

5. Oak Hills and St. Mary’s – Found above Foothill Blvd. between 2100 and 800 South, the area of Oak Hills and St. Mary’s is considerably newer. Most of the homes in this area were constructed during the 1960’s and after. However, Oak Hills and St. Mary’s contain a variety of beautiful and spacious homes with large bedrooms and basements. The homes in this neighborhood should be expected to run over $400k. Decent spot for a drink too.

Shut Up and Drink night in the good old USA.

Shut Up and Drink night in the good old USA.

6. 9th and 9th – This neighborhood is named for its business district which is focused around 900 South and 900 East. It is similar in housing styles and pricing to Lower Sugar House. There are a variety of businesses nearby including some great restaurants.

My girlfriend has her USA visa now and while in Brazil in June we will be hopefully ducking into the States looking to get local in most spots we end up in.

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