7 Stag do pitfalls you should avoid at all costs

7 Stag do pitfalls you should avoid at all costs

Organising a stag party is not an easy task but it is definitely accomplishable with the right kind of planning. Being the best man in a wedding brings along with itself major responsibilities. You have to keep your groom calm during the preparations, be present while he goes out for shopping, help him decide the colour and decorations, and also listen to all of his rants when something goes wrong. But most of all, it is the stag party preparations that will drive you nuts amidst everything else. But do not worry, we are at your service. Here is a list of the most common mistakes that you need to abstain from while planning the best stag do for your buddy. After all, you are the best man and the best is what you should deliver.

Don’t be in a hurry to make all the arrangements

A stag do is not any regular party that you have to arrange. It is not just about liquor and food and finding a place to stuff all of that. There is much more to it. There will be people who will not answer your calls, or who will delay the preparations. There will be someone who will deny a particular service, but if you start the planning well before the time, you will be able to manage all of it.

7 Stag do pitfalls you should avoid at all costs

It is your best friend’s stag do, not yours

Yes, you are the party organiser, but it is not your party. Keep this line posted in your head before making any final arrangements. You might like the idea of adventure sports and strip clubs, but your friend might not. You must remember to consult him in all the preparations and strictly work according to his likes and dislikes. It is his day, make him happy. He will do the same for you.

Decide the budget realistically

Now this is something you need to be very particular about. Money matters are very important to be discussed with clarity so that you know how much everyone can chip in with. Do not plan anything unrealistically. This might be a bit taxing but doing the talking part before making payments saves you of a lot of trouble later.

Overcrowding the guest list

This is your friend’s stag do, not yours. So, the guest list might as well be according to him. It is not necessary that he gets along with every friend of yours and is ready to invite them. While you are preparing the guest list, ask him who he wants to be a part of his stag do. It is not an easy task to decide who to take along and who to leave behind. If the groom does not want his brother in law to be a part of the stag do, then you must not let him enter the venue at all cost. Period.

Keep everyone in check, yourself too

You are the organiser of the party so it is your responsibility that everyone, especially the groom reaches back home in a sane head. Yes, booze is a necessary inclusion in all the stag parties but it is not a compulsion to get sloshed and then end up doing anything stupid. If you keep yourself in check, you will be able to look after the groom and not let him jeopardize his wedding.

Trying to do too much

You should know what essential things you must execute and what things you can miss out on. We know you don’t want to leave any stone unturned for your best friend’s stag do, but overcomplicating it will ruin the stag party. Also, it will hamper your budget as well. Plan all the activities well and give the squad some time to rest. You don’t want anyone to be too tired after the stag party that all the fun is ruined.

Make all the payments beforehand, at least of the groom

To save yourself of any sort of last minute hassle with the hotel or the bar or any other service, it is better to make all the payments beforehand. If not all, then the groom’s accommodation and other things he would need must be paid already so that he is not approached by anyone for any money matter.

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7 Stag do pitfalls you should avoid at all costs

We know, being the best man, you will be the most excited for your best friend’s stag do. You will make all the efforts to give him everything he has desired for but in that endeavour don’t make any mistake that might jeopardize the party and the fun. Rest everything will be fine!


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