Backpacking in England: Best Things to See and Do in Romsey

Backpacking in England: Best Things to See and Do in Romsey

Romsey is one of the best places to choose to visit. And it’s pretty simple. They have historical sites and monuments to visit and, of course, cultural attractions, together with some adventurous and funny activities to do around Romsey. It also has places to eat and drink, because you have to take your energy from somewhere, right? Check out the next list to see what you should visit in Romsey, United Kingdom. And if you still got time, there are plenty of places to visit near Romsey, too!

About the Signal Box

This is a fun place to go if you’re interested in trains and be sure this is not something you usually do, it’s quite an unusual experience, actually. You know how you travel by train and you hear some signals – they’re pretty important for the trains.

They will let you do signalling tasks, such as ringing the train bells and clearing signals (under the guidance of a professional signalman, of course). In the box, there are railway artefacts which you can see, too. So we say it’s a win-win. Unfortunately, this is all available only twice a month, but it’s worth your time. No matter if you’re a child or a grown-up, you certainly have to try this. You can get there by bus – 604, 35, 66 and 663, to be exact.

About the War Memorial Park

Let’s talk about why this is a good idea for spending your free time here. This park was created in 1920 and it’s surrounded by the River Test on all of its sides. That’s a beautiful landscape. There are also playgrounds for your children and gardens in which you can relax, there’s also a coffee, a fishing facility, some tennis courts and seating areas, of course, and let’s not forget about lawn bowls clubs. Sometimes there are concerts hosted in this park, at the bandstand. If you’re lucky, you can catch some.  Buses 36, 35, 634 will get you there safely.

About the Crosfield Hall

Get your family and get to the Crosfield Hall. You can reserve the facility if you want to pleasantly surprise your family on different occasions. It’s an event venue which has two spacious hall rooms for your private parties and everything can happen in a suitable manner. They are usually booked to celebrate community programs, but that doesn’t mean that birthdays or weddings are out of discussion. From the two rooms from The Willow Room, one can welcome about 120 people, its name is Annexe and will let you have the best time of your life. The 634, 35, 663, 662 and 66 busses can get you there in no time.

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