8 Travel Essentials You Will Need For Your Next Travels

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8 Travel Essentials You Will Need For Your Next Travels

Whether you are looking to go on a business trip or a vacation at the beach, it is essential that you possess some skill on how to pack safe water. If you let someone else do the packing on your behalf, you may end up with things you do not need. Worse still, you might miss to include essential stuff. While tech gadgets, clothes, and personal items often spring to the mind of a typical traveler, one can never underestimate some travel accessories too. Before you zip up your bag, ensure you have included the following travel essentials:

  1. Disinfecting Wipes and Sanitizers

Most travelers can attest to catching some infection on the flight. It is easy to contract viruses and bacteria because you will be interacting with people from diverse backgrounds. The last thing you want is to spend most of your vacation days treating an illness that can easily be prevented by using disinfecting wipes and sanitizers. For maximum protection, you can offer them to your seatmates.

  1. Sun Cream

Packing sun cream is a given, especially if your seat is next to the window. The higher you go, the more your chances of getting exposed to harmful UVA rays. Do not just go for any sunscreen. Go for one that has skin-softening texture, lightweight, and chemical-free properties.

travel advice by Jonny Blair on Dont Stop Living - use sun cream

Tuesday’s Travel Essentials- don’t avoid the obvious – WEAR SUN CREAM!!

  1. Portable Berkey Filter

Getting fresh and clean water is tricky when you are traveling. You cannot trust the bottled water you buy at the stores. Even if you do, the price may not be budget-friendly. However, with a portable Berkey filter, you will have a free lightweight sports bottle that is ideal for travel. The kit also boasts of a powerful filter that provides an on-the-go microfiltration system for safe water without using toxic chemicals such as lead.

  1. A Small Battery-operated Fan

The last thing you want is to be uncomfortable throughout your travel thanks to the changes in temperature at different places. It becomes worse when there is a limited outlet space to allow in cold air. Getting a small, battery-operated fan will help cool your body and drown the distracting noise that may crop up at night. Its lightweight nature makes it an ideal accessory for on-the-go users.

  1. Personal Hygiene Items

For long flights, it is not easy to maintain your backpacking hygiene. You will hardly find the time to take a hot shower in between the flights, but it is worth taking a try if you include personal hygiene items. Whether you are planning to go on backpacking, hiking, or picnic, always ensure that the products you have bought are biodegradable. Also include toothpaste, washcloth, toiletries, and a bag for doing laundry.

My travelling toiletry bag for short trips by Jonny Blair

Tuesday’s Travel Essentials: A Toiletry Bag

  1. Solar Charger

Electric power supply can be unpredictable at times, and it may be unavailable in remote places. It can also go off when you least expect it to happen. A solar charger is perfect for travelers who engage in hiking activities since it cannot experience blackouts. If you love keeping your devices charged even when you are off the grid, get a solar charger with a rechargeable.

  1. A Camera

Traveling involves going to new places to meet new people and to discover new things. You will want to take photos and videos of places and the people you will meet to show your friends back home. A digital camera is a perfect conversation starter if you are looking to make friends in the strangest places. People will be willing to take pictures with you. If you are unable to afford a digital camera, your phone will do. However, cameras bring out high-quality features and have a high storage capacity, unlike phones.

A Digital Camera

A Digital Camera

  1. A Cosmetic Bag of Medications

Unless you are traveling a few miles from where you live, you can whisk away the idea of carrying medications. However, you can never tell when you will become sick or have an adverse reaction to something you ingested. Also, you can never be sure whether a healthcare provider will be available to handle your emergencies. To be on the safe side, get a cosmetic bag filled with preventive medicines such as anti-nausea, anti-malaria, and pain killers.

Cosmetics/ toiletries.

Now that you are already planning for your next big trip, make sure you pack all the eight travel essentials. Some items may not have made it to the list, but it is always advisable to have an individualized approach when packing your travel essentials. That way, your trip will not be ruined by last-minute purchases and you will enjoy your time to the fullest.

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