Daydreaming in Kraków: The Weird Football Dream with Karolina and Weronika

This was an odd dream and I typed it up as soon as it happened a few years back. I am slowly getting these old stories either typed and saved, or published. Some are coming soon in the long awaited first volume of my book, Backpacking Centurion. This dream was in Kraków in Poland in 2017…


Daydreaming in Poland: Dream in Kraków

There was a football match. Somewhere in Poland. It was 0-0 at half time. It was a ladies match in Poland. Weronika and Karolina were on the same team. In the middle of the second half, Karolina scored from close range. Vivid goalmouth action and she swiped it home. 1-0 to their team. It was all in my dream and so vivid.

In the last minute, they got a free kick, play was interrupted by a car on the pitch, then Weronika fired a very vivid and precise shot into the bottom right corner to score a superb goal. 2-0 to their team. Final score 2-0. Weronika’s goal was ridiculously good and she was the hero, somehow.

I was sleeping in the room next to them that night after the match and while I was away, someone in the dream (that I didn’t see) came into my room and wrote “NAME ME JONNY” on my bed sheets. It must have been wither Karolina or Weronika, but I didn’t know who.

I then met Karolina in the car park, she was walking away but didn’t run from me. Instead she stopped, chatted, forgave me, added me on Instagram, unblocked me on Facebook and admitted my travels might be useful for her.

Weronika wasn’t in the rest of the dream. I went straight to a bar for pierogi and beer after that…

This dream happened in the daytime at Ibis Hotel, Krakow, 24th July 2017. I took an afternoon nap.

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