Adios, Uruguay, Muchas Gracias! *

Leaving somewhere you love is never easy and always has some emotion or sentiment naturally attached to it, at least in my life. As much as I had loved Uruguay and wanted to stay longer – that was never the plan. Life is too short and I needed to see some of the other parts of South America. You could argue if I hadn’t stayed so long in Uruguay then I would have visited every country in South America (the only 2 I missed being Guyana and French Guyana). But I was studying Spanish in Uruguay so a flipside argument would be I may not have enjoyed the rest of South America as much or have been as adventurous if my language use was still as limited. When I look back, I felt it was the perfect time to leave Uruguay, a couple of weeks before Christmas, giving me time to pack a fair bit of traveling in before my Inca Trail dream became a reality on Christmas Day.So after a hat trick of weeks in sunny Montevideo, I was booked to head to Iguazu in Argentina. But that wasn’t the original plan, in fact neither was staying in Montevideo for so long. That’s just the way things happened.

My first plan was head straight to Rosario to stay with my mate Juan and visit the city of Che Guevara’s birth. Juan initially had made some plans and was in touch with me, but had ignored a few messages dating back for about a month, and I had met quite a few arrogant Argentinians, so in the interests of “shoving it up the Argies”, I decided to boycott Rosario, and indeed only visit one more Argentinian town, in Puerto Iguazu for the rest of my trip. And that was mostly because the nearby waterfalls were a “must-see”.

It was a fond farewell on a quiet Thursday morning as I packed my bags in Perla’s flat and walked the short 15-20 minute walk to the bus station in Montevideo for my onwards bus. Within a few hours, my amazing time in Uruguay would be coming to a close. I must admit I shed a few tears. I simply loved Uruguay…

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