Adventure Sports and Tips For Rookie Skiiers

Adventure Sports and Tips For Rookie Skiiers

On my travels I always tried to be adventurous and experiment with experiences we come across. This has led to some truly unforgettable wild days and nights on my journey. There was the time I fed hyenas mouth to mouth in Harar, Ethiopia or the crazy crocodile stroking in Kachikally in The Gambia. All those moments were pure instances of madness…

Touching a crocodile at Kachikally

Touching a crocodile at Kachikally

Closer to home I also went “willy out” to the nudist beach in Poland, toured a wacaday country which doesn’t exist (The Kingdom of Lovely) and did indoor sky diving as well as outdoor skydiving. But something missing from my travel repertoire is skiing!

Early days as a backpacker – skydiving in New Zealand in 2007.

Yes I have been thrice to Switzerland, over 15 times in Austria, 8 times in Italy and multiple times in USA, Poland, Austria and Slovakia. All are superb skiing destinations, yet I haven’t gone skiing. It might be finally time to try and change that.

Here are some tips for when that time to try skiing comes round for me, or for you.

Get Professional Lessons

If you really want to get into ski-ing and take it seriously, then make sure you get professional lessons. Whether you plan a winter break to Andorra for some leisure ski-ing or some back-country ski-ing in Colorado, be well prepared! There can be nothing worse than trying to teach yourself, injuring yourself or pretending you know what you are doing. Get professional lessons set up and be dedicated – attend and make sure you show a desire, eagerness and enthusiasm. This could be the start of a total new adventure for you!

World Travellers: Jamie from Gaijin Crew in Japan Ski-ing

Ski-ing tips

Wrap up warm

It doesn’t take a genius to know that ski-ing takes place in sub-zero climates! For this reason, it is imperative that you wear the right gear. Head to a professional ski clothes shop and make sure you have everything you need. You will be sleeping in the mountains at high altitudes in amongst snow and hazardous weather. Be prepared – hats, gloves, scarves, proper wind proof and water resistant clothing is completely essential. Plus – you can look the part and feel cosy too as you embrace your fantastic new hobby on the slopes!

Wrap up warm

Stay Off The Sauce

A keen drinker, bar hopper and pub crawler like me will have to cut back on pintage if I am to truly embrace the world of skiing. The sport demands high focus, concentration and energy. So a hangover would simply ruin any chances of enjoyment. Yes, I love a few jars of ale but that is when I have an “easy day of blogging” ahead. If I need to get up and drive, teach English or do a physical sport, I stay off the sauce. That means – NO alcohol on nights before ski-ing. I guess this will make that drink at the end of the week seem so much sweeter.

No sauce till ski-ing is over!

Overall, you need to be very keen to take part in this new hobby. Like many things in life – it is a step into the unknown, it is something new and it might be difficult to start with. However with the right frame of mind, some patience and a lot of desire and passion, you might just become the next Kamil Stock!

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