Australia Tips: Visiting the Enchanting Land Down Under

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Fond memories of my time living in the land down under – Australia.

The sixth largest country in the world, Australia is home to an ecosystem that is unique only to this part of the world. The medley of deserts, reefs, mountains, forests, beaches and multicultural cities make it one of the most sought after destinations in the world. I spent a year and a half in the land down under, working my way through 5 of the 8 states and territories, loving the lifestyle on a Working Holiday Visa.

With the chefs when I worked in an Irish Pub in Australia.

With the chefs when I worked in an Irish Pub in Australia.

Australian Arts & Culture

No matter which city you include in your holiday packages in Australia you will never go without a chance to explore some offbeat theatre productions, lofty art galleries or music festivals. The aboriginal arts of this country, especially painting and dance have been captivating tourists and locals for generations.

pj gallaghers parramatta

Australia Day

Hip and Stylish Urban Settlements

A major percentage of Australians live on coasts and a large portion of these live in cities. As the 18th most urbanised country in the world, the cities here are extremely trendy. In Sydney you will be able to enjoy the glamorous blend of boutiques, beaches and eateries. Melbourne is known for its artistic inclinations, football and quaint alleyways. The subtropical town of Brisbane and the festive grace of Adelaide are also worth experiencing during your trip to the land down under.

melbourne australia ramsay street jonny blair

With the lads at Ramsay Street in Melbourne, Australia.

Driving in Australia

Known as one of the best self-driven destinations in the world, Australians enjoy wide open roads all the way from Margaret River to Cooktown and Dover to Jabiru. The best way to truly appreciate the offerings of this magical country is by hitting the road. Road conditions are rather good and traffic is almost never a problem once you leave the bigger cities. Driving around Australia is an excellent opportunity to go see the Twelve Apostles on the Great Ocean Road via Melbourne or explore some of the many national parks that are home to species of animals, birds and plants that aren’t found in any other part of the world. I also drove north to Brisbane and met up with the koala bears!

koala bears in lone pine

Holding a koala bear at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Australia.

If you are a nature buff or intend to pursue some bush walking, visit Kakudu in the Northern Territory. This subtropical region is full of crocodiles, raucous birdlife and enchanting ancient aboriginal rock art.

Best time to Visit Australia

Remember that since the country is located in the southern hemisphere, summers here take place between December and February. This is the time of the year when the southeastern tourist hubs such as Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne are warm and sunny. This is an excellent time to hit the beaches, people watch by getting a seat at an alfresco diner and mingle with people from all over the world. If you aren’t happy paying peak-season accommodation prices, then planning a trip in October/November or March/April may be a better option.

Jonny Blair in Canberra Australian capital

Capital Canberra Australia

Get in touch with a travel company that will be able to help you chart out the perfect itinerary for your trip to Australia. Have fun in the crazy land down under!

Safe travels.

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