Backpacking Centurions: The Best 3 Travel Bloggers Who Have Been to Over 100 Countries

As I plot my own personal route to country 100 this year (you can vote for my 99th country by the way!), I have “heroes” in the backpacking world to look up to. Michael Palin, Sir Edmund Hillary, Francis Drake etc. of course but travel blogging has only been around for 20 years or so, so I thought I’d limit my list to those centurions who have documented their journey themselves on their own sites! SO these are the best 3 Travel Bloggers Who Have Been to 100 Countries or More. Some of these lads and lasses are hardcore travellers and have been out exploring the world for years on end. I caught up with these 3 backpacking centurions to ask them a few quick fire questions about their journeys through over 100 countries. I’ve scanned the internet and these are the best 3 travel bloggers to have done that which is why I’m delighted they all agreed to partake!

*first entry deleted due to GuruGod worshipping and an interfering stalker into my life, my family, my travel friends, my contacts in 2017.

* third entry also now deleted in 2018 after I discovered that person FAKED their trip to 100 countries. Very sad times indeed.


ONLY Gunnar remains!! And he is real and I have met him. Shame on the fakes 🙁

World Travellers: Having a beer with Gunnar Garfors, The Youngest Hobby Traveller to Visit Every Country in the World

2. Gunnar Garfors, Norway
I interviewed Norwegian hardcore traveller Gunnar before. Gunnar is quite simply the world’s youngest ever hobby traveller to visit every country in the world and he hasn’t stopped there! His website Garfors on Travel details not just his own stories but some cool facts from his travels such as the Least Visited Countries in the World. I’m pretty embarrassed to say I’ve only been to 3 out of those 25 so I am an amateur compared with Gunnar – hats off to him!!

1. Where are you from?
Naustdal, Norway.

2. First country visited (apart from your home country)
Greece, taken on holiday with my parents when I was 12 months old.

3. 50th Country Visited

Gunnar Garfors at the Tiger's Nest in Bhutan.

Gunnar Garfors at the Tiger’s Nest in Bhutan.

4. 100th Country Visited

5. Favourite Country
There are too many amazing countries for me to answer that.

6. Least Favourite Country
I generally dislike countries where conservative religion leaders have too much power. The result is usually a lack of freedom and a strict hierarchy of people. Women are for example usually discriminated against.  

7. Strangest Country

8. Smallest Country

9. Jobs on the Road
I have unfortunately never acquired random jobs on the road. I have however travelled a lot for work, then as a CEO, President, Journalist, Author, Project Manager and Director of Development.

10. Claim to fame other than being a travelling centurion
Holds a Guinness World Record for visiting five continents in one day, equaled the record of visiting 17 countries in one day, is having my first book published in September – on my travels to every country in the world.

11. Future travel plans
I don’t like sharing world records. I am also planning trips to Antarctica and Greenland. And I will revisit many of the countries I been to in the past, including Japan, Somalia, Argentina and Chile.

Gunnar Garfors Travel Site

Gunnar Garfors Travel Site

World Travellers – Gunnar Garfors

** Please note that I know there are other travel bloggers and online writers that have also been to over 100 countries, but some sent me rude and arrogant replies to my e-mails 😉 and therefore haven’t been included in the article Travel Bloggers Who Have Been to 100 Countries or More.

8 thoughts on “Backpacking Centurions: The Best 3 Travel Bloggers Who Have Been to Over 100 Countries

  • Great article Jonny! I am now following them all with interest and jealousy! I’m just trying to get to my little count up to a small 30 countries in the next few years!

  • Hi Jasmine – cool to hear from you. Gunnar Garfors is a bit of a legend so definitely check his site out and delighted to have some girl power in there with Lisa. Safe travels. Jonny

  • What an inspiring list! Thanks for putting it together 🙂 We’ve only been to 20.. but we’ve only just started! Graham Hughes made me realise that you actually could go to more than 100 countries, I guess he sent you a cheeky reply? 😉 😉
    Laura recently posted…HomeMy Profile

  • Hi Laura – thanks for the comment. Graham Hughes – top man – not at all lot of respect for Graham – was actually planning on meeting him in Panama soon, he’s a pretty busy guy when I interview him it will be nice to do a face to face one over a few beers as he’s a Liverpudlian 😉 Safe travels. Jonny

  • Thanks for the comment the Guy! Those featured on here are great!! But yeah – not just their loss but good luck to them in life, there’s a few wannabes out there who think they’re the kings, their attitude sucks and puts other travellers (and their fellow countrymen and bloggers to shame). Carry on regardless. You must be near the 100 mark surely yourself???! Havent you been travelling for years with 5-6 new countries per year?? Safe travels. Jonny

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