Backpacking in Argentina: Staying at Patagonia Pais Hostel, Ushuaia

Backpacking in Argentina: Staying at Patagonia Pais Hostel, Ushuaia

After the immense trip to Antarctica, it was time to relax in the world’s southernmost city again, Ushuaia on the tip of Argentina. Before the Antarctica trip I had already spent a night in the excellent Cruz del Sur hostel and a night in the horrible Hotel Ushuaia, which you will hear more about. I got off the Antarctica boat and hadn’t even booked a hostel or thought about it. All I knew was I had spent enough time already in Ushuaia before the trip and was heading for Montevideo, Uruguay next. I had longed to visit Uruguay as a child and was buzzing big time.

Backpacking in Argentina: Staying at Patagonia Pais Hostel, Ushuaia

So I was with Haya Harpaz as we left behind our Antarctica boat and memories and she had cleverly booked into a hostel before her trip, knowing she would have somewhere to stay on her return. We decided to walk together up the hills to her hostel, Patagonia Pais. On the way I popped into my old hostel, Cruz del Sur to see if they had any spare beds, but alas they were full, so I now hoped Patagonia Pais would have a bed, which they did! We were greeted with a gorgeous green, funky hostel exterior as we arrived at a roundabout on the edge of town. I booked in for 3 nights, as my flight to Uruguay was meant to be Saturday morning (this later changed and I ended up staying just 2 nights there).

The nice bedroom had yet more Antarctic reminders with coloured penguins adorning the wall. This was a perfect place to relax after the crazy visit to the world’s most southern continent. Haya and I were lucky to get the same bedroom, at the back. There were showers, lockers and free breakfast at Patagonia Pais. Plus internet, where I uploaded my first ever photos from Antarctica.

This is just a certificate to say I’ve been to Ushuaia, the world’s most southernly city. I also got a passport stamp in Ushuaia (and Port Lockroy, Antarctica). But in theory, Chile’s Puerto Williams and Antarctica’s McMurdo Station are further south and “settlements” though nothing quite the size of Ushuaia. A gimmick this, with the date also printed on it. These are free of charge from the Ushuaia Tourist Board.

Out the back of the hostel – a bike rack. We didn’t rent any out though. I just walked around Ushuaia – enjoyed doing that.

The funky groovy reception, lounge and kitchen all in one. We ate in for cheap while staying there and enjoyed the free breakfast. We met a Dutch guy there who we bigged Antarctica up to, and he consequently  went there next. The others in our dorm were dull and rude. One of them was rude to me one night before going to bed, as he was up reading a book on his bed. I stayed on the top bunk and got into bed without turning the light off, out of courtesy for him still reading. Then he got angry and hopped down to turn the light off. A Colombian wanker he was, some of these guys passed through Ushuaia without even considering going to Antarctica. Fair enough, but if you’re that close…

First night back in Ushuaia we agreed to meet up with all the remaining Antarctica boat mates in The Irish Pub in town for a final farewell together. There was some confusion though as there are two Irish Pubs in Ushuaia, so we ended up going to both! The photo above was the last big group photo of us all before we went our separate ways, taken in Galway Irish Pub. My girlfriend Panny Yu had already left Ushuaia by that time to fly to Buenos Aires. In the end my flight from Montevideo was messed up by Aerolineas Argentinas but in the end they did me a favour. They saved me a night’s accomodation by putting me on the Friday night flight from Ushuaia to Buenos Aires then the early morning flight to Montevideo, meaning I also arrived in Uruguay earlier than billed with the bonus of meeting Wesley from Macau and getting to watch the Penarol match with him.

I had a Green Dublin Beer in the Dublin Irish Pub with Russell, who also lived in Sydney at the time (we later met up in Sydney in April 2011). And enjoyed one more night out in Ushuaia before it was time to move on.

The flag at the “Welcome To Ushuaia” sign.

The nearby streets had a random wooden horse on the grass. Close to the hostel which was nice and relaxing following the epic trip of a lifetime to Antarctica. I ended up staying in 3 places in Ushuaia, this was second best to Cruz Del Sur Hostel, but infinitely better than Hotel Ushuaia (NOT recommended).

Hostel Name – Patagonia Pais

Location – Av ALem 152, Ushuaia, Argentina

Nationalities Met – Israeli, Dutch, Spanish, Colombian

Nights Stayed – 2



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